Go Steelers!


Ray Rice baby! That’s the only Ravens/Chargers game I’ve ever been too! I went to see my HS teammate Dennis Pitta, who scored a touchdown in the 2012 Super Bowl WIN over the Niners! Lol


Best rivalry in football baby!


You were at the game in San Diego? I was there too.
Rice. Pfttttttt!


Ray rice = piece of shit. Him and Ray Lewis should both be in jail. Or dragged into the middle of the street and shot.


Derek Carr…what has happened to you?


He was scared of the Suh Nami! Raiders decided to pay chucky, instead of All World player Khalil Mack


I heard he got a big mascara contract😂


And how about Big Ben?


Also a douchebag


Well drag me into the street and shoot me along with them, I’m no different than Ray Rice.


Yes played for the Ravens? That’s his capital offense in my book


I’m a Steelers fan… but even I wouldn’t turn down the Ravens if they offered me the veterans minimum for a year.


I now see how you value our friendship


Blood is thicker than water, and money is greener. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Solid win today, I had a deep churning gut feeling when we didn’t get into the endzone and had to settle forna field goal.

Ben looked great, Connor looked fantastic and JJ and Brown are a fearsome twosome, just like Swan and Stallworth were back in the day.


Great to see Shazier on the field walking around with the guys before the game. His recovery has been remarkable.


Steelers all the way!


Definitely man. He’s a symbol of work ethic. I hope some day he’ll be able walk without restrictions, I doubt he’ll play again. Such a shame, he’s a young man.

I think he’s the reason Bell is holding out for the guarenteed money.


Yeah, there’s no question he’s worked his tail off to make the progress he’s made, especially in under a year. Absolutely an inspiration.


I didn’t get to watch the Game I had drill :frowning:️ but it’s always nice to leave and check my phone n see that the Steelers put another Win in the box​:heart:️