Go Steelers!


Happy Sober Sunday Funday! GO STEELERS!


Headin to the park for some hoops


Nothing as satisfying as beating the Ravens, in Baltimore.


Probably just cost harbaugh is job. Flacco is trash. Baltimore is a trash city. Ray Lewis is a piece of shit. Ray rice is a bigger piece of shit. Ravens fans are all untreated alcoholics.


Tell me how you really feel :joy::rofl: I don’t mind Harbaugh, Flacco is overpaid, he had that fantastic year and they paid the hell out of him for it. Ray Rice has made mistakes, he’s been atoning for them ever since. Ray Lewis… well I respect him, his playing anyways, his personal views are his own.


If Ray rice and Ray Lewis die in a fire then I started it.


We hear you loud n clear cradle robber …:grin:


But drew bree’s still killin it as an old man…


Then go start a thread about how you love old men :joy:


I dunno. Beating the Seahowks today in Seatle was pretty tastey😁


The Chargers got themselves a squad this year. If they can get Bosa back, that defense will be even better.

Steelers and Chargers play in a couple weeks.



Steelers looking great so far! Love that kid James Connor from Pitt (where my daughter goes to school… #H2P!). Go Stillers!!!


Golly what an absolute beatdown. Great game to watch sober.


I couldn’t watch anymore. It was like Faces of Death… Even tho I had no chips in the game, I just couldn’t watch anymore


I couldn’t stop! It was masterful. We don’t get many wins like that. Carolina is a quality team.


What a damn win! Was so bleak, so hopeless, but I still followed it.

Terrible towels flying proudly still!


Patriots ALL the way!!!


I was there! The Jags had them beat - they picked Ben 3 times and had 2 more called back… crushing… :frowning:


Huh? I’m having trouble trying to decipher your message.