Gratitude List. 5 things daily

Happy Monday, All…

Grateful for another clear and sober day.
Grateful for early morning greetings from the cat.
Grateful my family is recuperating from COVID.
Grateful for all the support and encouragement I’ve received all throughout my sobriety journey.
Grateful to be alive and healthy.


Congrats on two days.


Today I am grateful for:

  • a swim on my own
  • pedicure
  • candle light
  • authentic sourdough bread
  • going to bed early

Today I am grateful for

  1. My body, it is strong and it hung in there all this time.

  2. My mental health. I am happy to be less anxious and being more calm is reassuring for me and for my kids as well.

  3. For my kids, who are two amazing humans.

  4. For my life style and schedual that I love.

  5. For the time i have for myself where I can rest a little.

I love myself and my life, i never did before i was sober.
Have a great 24h everyone xxx


Today I’m grateful for:

  1. The end of the day
  2. My sobriety
  3. My friend/coworker that understands the ridiculousness of our job
  4. The abundance in my life
    5 my pups that love me unconditionally

I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful for having a home.
I am grateful I could go for a mini walk for lunch when everything is just too much.
I am grateful that in two weeks it’s only a short week. And then a week off.
I am grateful for this community as it is giving me some perspective.


It’s a Titillating Tuesday Morning!

Grateful it’s my day off.
Grateful for this yummy lox and creamcheese bagel I’m enjoying for my brekkies.
Grateful for the gorgeous weather outside.
Grateful for the head boops from the cat this morning.
Grateful for this positive vibe I’m feeling. Hope it stays with me a while. :relieved::pray:


Today I’m grateful for

  1. My cosy living room on this squally evening. I like hearing the windows rattling and the gas fire hissing.
  2. Rooibos tea in my stainless steel teapot.
  3. Embroidery project on the go. I’m not sure what I’m making but I’m enjoying the process.
  4. A simple dinner of pasta pesto.
  5. A phone conversation with my mum after my GP visit.

Tonight I am grateful for:

  • making good food although feeling bad about eating and body today
  • not drinking although having bad mood and cravings today
  • receiving the written confirmation about the financial support of my further education
  • yoga, just 10 minutes, but just for making it on the mat anyway
  • my bed!

Edit: hot water bottle season!


Today I’m grateful for:

  1. The ability to ignore stupid
  2. My sobriety and that I ignored the cravings
  3. My support system here and in my world
  4. A good night sleep
  5. The delicious chicken I made for dinner

Wednesday Morning:

Grateful for another productive work day.
Grateful for a cool and cloudy day.
Grateful to have a job I actually like.
Grateful for funny animal videos on YouTube.
Grateful to have what we need.


Today I’m grateful for

  1. Being so unwell on Monday with my mental health that I sought help and started antidepressants.
  2. Free healthcare in my country.
  3. The gentle yoga class and subsequent cup of tea with the teacher.
  4. My guitar.
  5. My still as yet undefined embroidery project. I’m just stitching away!

I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful I learned a lot today.
I am grateful I had the MRI I waited for so long for. Well.
I am grateful for nice colleagues.
I am grateful I have enough.


Today I am grateful for:

  1. My sobriety
  2. My therapist
  3. The abundance in my life
  4. The week being almost over
  5. My brother

Today I am grateful for…

☆ I woke up
☆ time spent with my daughter, grandson and husband
☆ cozy blankets
☆ my Mom and Dad are doing well
☆ my sobriety


Just for today…

Grateful for another day to earn some income.
Grateful for the cool and cloudy weather here.
Grateful my family is mending from COVID.
Grateful for morning greetings from the cat.
Grateful to just be alive.


Today I’m grateful for

  1. Homemade kefir mango smoothie for breakfast (I had it at lunchtime though)
  2. The nice weather today.
  3. That I managed to get showered and dressed this afternoon.
  4. Bergamot essential oil. I think it helped me get a better night’s sleep last night.
  5. This community.


  1. Being a part of my daughter’s life.
  2. Not waking up sick needing a drink.
  3. Sitting and listening to the rain pound on the roof.
  4. Coffee
  5. Being more aware of negative self talk.
  1. Grateful for my Clean Date: 02/21/2023

  2. Grateful for my new free 5G phone & free 2 months of “unlimited everything” service that my employment specialist got for me!

  3. Grateful for the stress-free (and I KNOW it will be 100% Clean) UA that I just took

  4. Grateful for the job I’ll start next month once the results of the aforementioned UA comes back!

  5. Grateful for this absolutely GORGEOUS Pacific Northwest day!



I’m grateful today for

• the fact that I’m still here
• living in the country I live in although not everything may be perfect
• my curiosity
• healthy eyes
• the food I have