Gratitude List. 5 things daily

Grateful that my brother decided to visit us at Christmas with his family.

Grateful our kids still come home ones a week while living on their own.

Grateful to have a good outcome of the test for breastcancer :confetti_ball:

Grateful for being sober

Grateful for the invitation for a 80’s party within 2 weeks.



Friday Grats for 12/01…

Grateful the work day is over.
Grateful I didn’t get trapped in the elevator again!
Grateful Mom is away at my Sister’s for a few days.
Grateful for CAWFEE. :coffee:
Grateful I still like my job. I passed my probation period and now have full benefits.

Life is good. :pray:


Not a bad day to sling some gratitude out in the world so here goes

1, for this community its amazing to have answers to questions or just something to read for support 24hrs a day

2, for my family who have stayed strong even through all the crap i put them through.

3, for my health honestly shocked i still have it and probably the healthiest ive been since 19

4, for a roof over my head and food in my belly

5, for being able to appreciate the small things and to empathise with people who are struggling and help rather than focusing on me.


Today’s gratitude is for

  1. My physical health. I feel strong in my body.
  2. My mental health. I’ve made improvements this week.
  3. My central location, close to many shops, markets etc.
  4. Friendships. I’ve had a couple of meetings with friends recently that I’ve found very therapeutic.
  5. My creativity. It has helped me through some dark times.

I am grateful for this sunny Sunday and having gone out in the snow for a walk.
I am grateful for food in the fridge.
I am somehow grateful I realised yesterday that I feel homesick.
I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful I have enough.


Grateful for second weekend day waking up sober

Grateful for finally getting proper sleep after never sleeping well due to wine consumption

Grateful my dad and his wife are flying to see me for Christmas

Grateful I have a decent co-parenting relationship with my newly ex husband whose heart I broke

Grateful for my son who I will do everything to stay sober for


I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful for my coworkers.
I am grateful it’s the last 5 day week until next year.
I am grateful for a warm shower.
I am grateful I have enough.


Swimming pool meditation
Jerk chicken recipe
My lovely OH :heartpulse:
fresh water
Crosswords not cross words


I made it through a very stressful day without using.
My daughter is healthy again and can attend school tomorrow.
We spend a nice evening celebrating at school.
Kids in my class made some really nice stuff today.
I caught myself in time before acting out.


I’m grateful
-for my sobriety
-that I’m starting to feel better
-to finally be home from CA
-my back feels fairly good

  • my ex came through surgery well

GratiTuesday, 12/05.

Grateful my headache is subsiding.
Grateful for caffeine and Ibuprofen. :coffee::pill:
Grateful I got to do my favourite delivery route this morning. What a beautiful drive! :truck:
Grateful for the hot shower that soothed my sore body. :droplet::bathtub:
Grateful to have a job, despite how tired i am. :sleeping:


Thanks for sharing

I am grateful for the massage. The massage therapist will ‘retire’ next year. That’s a sign :zipper_mouth_face:
I am grateful to be sober.
I am grateful my heating is working.
I am grateful it was my turn for the Christmas calendar today.
I am grateful I have enough.


Couch reading
Cumulonimbus clouds (I had a theme going). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. My home and being back in it.
  2. My passport arriving early allowing me to get home
  3. Having the ability to make this unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance manageable
  4. Sleeping in my own bed last night
  5. Being with my family and all the hugs I got this morning

26 days sober

Roof over my head

Money on the bank

Mom and our dog

  1. My 4 beautiful children and my grandson
  2. A job that pays all my bills
  3. Motivation to keep going
  4. Songs in my heart
  5. Friends who support my sobriety

Grateful for: my beautiful autistic son who I’ve had the honor of raising alone for seven years experiencing a kind of love that not many experience #loveneedsnowords

THIS APP! For this community that helps hold me accountable and motivate/inspire me to keep going

My new home

New opportunities like the beauty college I’m about to start at where I will begin an esthetics program & have the opportunity to set me up with an occupation that I will not only enjoy but be able to make my own schedule which is very important as a single autism mom

How close my relationship with God has become


  • Yoga
  • Breathing
  • a good meal
  • my daughter
  • taking a hot foot soak

My ninja cooker
Ahmed sleep time tea