Groups listed in profiles

What r these groups I see listed under profiles?? Are there subgroups on here??

Saw a link about a group called seeking help. Where do I find a list of groups I might join?

I think I opted in to the seeking help group through the rules and guidelines or the FAQ. Just search for those and follow the directions. I think it’s as easy as clicking the link.

Seeking help is the only opt in group I know of. You can opt in from here…

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Yes. I saw the link, but I’ve clicked on various profiles, n people will have additional groups listed as part of their profile.

That is the only group I know of also.

Oh? What groups?

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I can’t remember group names, but under Trust Level in profiles, there is also sometimes another notation for Groups. They’re listed under there.

Here’s a break down for trust levels.

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I did a look around and the only groups I saw was the “seeking help” and then Steve also had “moderators”.

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Seeking Help is the only group we have on the forum (besides the ones like Moderators). Maybe you’re thinking of trust levels like “Regular” and “Member”?

@Ephemeral here it is

Thankyou :slight_smile: