Health is wealth - goals for a happier, healthier life

I was listening to this song by Macka B (who is a solid reggae artist, not just someone who makes songs about vegetables!)

And I thought it would share it here because I am coming back to a place where I feel able to make my health a priority. Physical and mental health are all part of the same picture for me and I am working on finding a way I can live consciously, with emotional as well as substance sobriety, in step with people and the planet.

Things I am working on, in no particular order:

  • a diet mainly based on fruit, vegetables, pulses and whole grains
  • being free from all substances, including nicotine
  • spending quality time outside every day
  • moving more, particularly walking and dancing
  • regular yoga practice
  • meditation
  • developing skills that build resilience e.g. growing food, making and repairing things
  • honest, kind and assertive communication
  • building my self esteem, saying no more and not helping others at the expense of my mental health

I’m going to use this thread as a bit of a check in for things that are going well, as well as when they are going less well. I’d love to hear about your successes and struggles too.

What are your goals for a healthy, happy life?

NB This is not about weight loss, there is already a great active thread for that and any weight loss posts will be moved there


Yesterday I had a win with a codependent relationship I am in. Rather than sitting and stewing in frustration over a situation, building resentment and letting it bubble up into an argument later, I had an honest, kind and assertive conversation.

I started by asking if I could talk about the situation that had upset me. I explained that I felt hurt by some comments, making it clear that I understood the intentions were kind, but nevertheless they had upset me and tried to explain why, without being accusatory. When they explained where they were coming from, I said I understood, and asked if they understood where I was coming from. They said they did and we moved on.

We both have issues of control, unrealistic (but conflicting) expectations of each other and poor self esteem.I am hopeful that by being honest about when I am upset, and having these conversations, it will be one of the things that helps us move our relationship to something that is a bit healthier in future.


Just handed in my letter of resignation so as of next week I will be officially unemployed! This is a good thing. Am leaving a toxic environment and going into a headspace where I can find the next right thing.


Making this for dinner. No kale so will use broccoli instead and the mushrooms I have in the fridge. Cos health is wealth and ital is vital! :notes:

Totally offsetting that health with a cigarette, I forgot to put a patch on and didn’t chuck the tobacco I have. But going out walking this afternoon and putting that shit in the bin on my way out!


I am heading home tomorrow.

I am also going to continue to make more positive changes in my life.

This year my main focus has been quitting drinking, and staying quit. I’ve made it through some challenging things this summer, gracefully and sober. Ive grown alot as a result. Built a good foundation for what I want to become my tower of long term recovery.

When I get back home, I’m going to make a home that I can have giant boundaries where other peoples issues cannot spend time in. I’ve spent alot of time this summer staying with people who live in chaos. They complain about it non stop, but make zero changes.

Im going to quit smoking. Its time. I made it 26 days but caved when I started crabbing with two smokers last year. This year, I will not let that be an excuse to start again.

I’m going to nurture my inner artist and put my energy into that. I’m inspired! My brain is feeding me so many ideas that I need to express.

I’ve made a lot of progress not feeding my anger with my thoughts. I have a lot of valid anger. Feeding it only harms me. I recognize that. Redirecting this is a lot like redirecting my alcoholic/addict thinking. I’ve made huge progress this year. I want more!

Good for you quitting the toxic job. I quit one last year and have a much less toxic job now. It isn’t perfect, but its so much better.


That all sounds awesome! I like the idea of making your home a place where other people’s issues don’t enter into. A real safe space.

What kind of art do you do?

Recognising your anger is valid and choosing not to feed it further sounds like some real emotional/ spiritual growth. That’s awesome.


Painting, carving, and photography.


I am trying to slow down and be true to myself. I’ve learned in sobriety that I am very introverted. I like socialising, but I find it exhausting and I need to build in down time to recharge after.

I’m trying to get better sleep, although this week hasn’t been the best.

I’m trying to do some physical exercise daily. I got a rowing machine and I’m finding that it helps clear my head. When I start to feel my head get cluttered, I go for a row. I want to build more yoga back in, but for some reason I’m not feeling it at the moment.

I’m trying to be conscious of good dental hygiene. I got a filing recently and it was so unpleasant that I want to avoid that again.


I’ve been doing this more and more lately and it’s been really helping me get a better night’s sleep. I burn a little more energy, and breath fresher air, and distance myself from technology.

I really hope you get to feel the results of your changes soon :slight_smile: I’m proud of you for trying, it’s inspiring to me today, thank you for sharing.



•Reconnect with dancing and music
•Continue to learn to play the guitar
• Practice guided, visual, meditation vs just music
or “inspirational” meditation
•find a new podcast to listen to
•Lengthen my Telomeres lol seriously


I finally colored this Art for Mindfulness --Landscapes coloring book today.

By the time I was done I had a nice picture and couldn’t remember what I was so angry about.


B3 nicotinamide every day, champ.


Look forward to seeing your creations!


Love the color combo.

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And wonderful thread @siand, I am enjoying it very much.


Agreed. Thank you for this thread, @siand :blush: just what I too need right now - some inspiration and positive encouragement! I’m in a bit of an unhealthy rut of late, in more ways then one :smirk::persevere: my plan to feel better is:

  • prayer in the morning upon waking
  • daily exercise (any movement is good!)
  • go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep (min 7.5hrs ideally)
  • eat more fresh, natural food (avoid packets / processed foods)
  • incorporate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in my day to day
  • DO what I need to do (less procrastinating, resistance & avoidance)

Building in time for rest after situations that leave you exhausted is a good idea.

Rowing sounds good, very phyiscal. Hopefully that will help with the sleep!


Cu-cumba! :sweat_smile:

I rejoined the gym yesterday so 3 mornings a week is my goal. Start getting up at 6am again.

And I’m going to try unguided meditation, see how that goes. Without the classes over lockdown I pretty much stopped doing it. Time to get going again and try something new this time.

Good thread :grinning:


I think I need to remember that these changes will make me healthier, but they won’t always make me feel great. Much like sobriety!

It is very tempting to have a down day and get a big fat case of the fuck its. Today I’ve had some fuck its (food and fags) and some emotional wobbles. But I’ve spent some time outside in the sunshine, done some walking about, meditated and didn’t go along to something I was invited to, because I didn’t want to.

I will also do yoga before bed, even though I’m not really feeling it because it turns out I wake up in the night with restless legs if I don’t :upside_down_face:

I love your list. Although I’m not sure what telomeres are, how you lengthen them or why you would want to! For dancing, I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard of Body Groove? I haven’t done it for a while but it’s really good fun. There are some videos and clips on YouTube and the annual subscription is relatively affordable.


Nice! I have an art therapy colouring book, need to buy some replacement pencils after my friends 2 year old used mine (i.e. repeatedly dropped them so they can never be properly sharpened again :rofl:).

It is very relaxing.