Help with disorderly conduct charge

Has anyone fought a DC charge without legal representation? I was told I don’t qualify for a public defender so I’m at a loss. I can’t afford a lawyer. I’m facing 90 days and/or 1,000 fine. I’m doing everything I can to try and get probation or court ordered substance abuse classes etc. Just really need advice!

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How can you not qualify?
Actually I just looked up reasons why. Have you signed up for classes yet? Start going to meetings also so you could let the courts know you’re trying to do better.

They said I have too much in assets, which is crap cuz nothing is in my name. The AA around here isn’t currently going sure to covid. I’m in therapy, supposed to start a new job next week. Idk what more I can do. If I represent myself I want to be able to tell the judge everything I’ve been doing but I don’t think they’ll take my word over an attorney.

Hi, @mamabear3. AA has a lot of zoom meetings that you can attend. If it is court ordered, I don’t know how they track that, but lots of online opportunities for meetings are out there. Hang in there.


If you have some documentation that you’re going to get help or trying to it will help.
Like @LeeHawk said, do some zoom meetings and document when you do. Get financial records to show what you own and don’t own.
And look into classes, whether online or in person. Call your local help center and show you made the effort.
Documentation is everything in court! Not just your words…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Where do you find zoom meetings for AA?

There’s one here tomorrow and Tuesdays. I think @ifs knows more about finding them than I do. He’ll reach out when he sees this. :wink:

Thank you! Hopefully I can make it.

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Where are you located? I’m in US est and it starts at 2 pm.

You can find some in this thread: Online meeting resources

The meetings we do on Tuesdays and Saturdays are not AA meetings, they’re more just us getting to know each other and talk about how things are going and checking in, but regardless you’re 100% welcome to join us! That information is here: TS Zoom Meeting - Tuesdays and Saturdays

1 Like has to s of zoom meeting.
I needed a lawyer for a second offense dui and I was broke. I found a guy that did a payment plan and it all worked out. Keep doing the right thing. It will work out

I’m in Wisconsin… would that still be 2pm? I’m dumb and don’t know my time zones

I believe it’s 1:00 pm your time.

Thank you. I have no sense of time or direction lol

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:slight_smile: I’m with you on that!

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This is a 24/7 meeting ID for AA.
ID: 144108372
Passcode: 169258

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Thank you!