Hoping for a friend or two that I can check in with

Hi there: my issue is alcohol. I’m a problem drinker. I can’t control my drinking when I drink but I do not crave it. I feel really badly for drinking to excess and want to really quit permanent. Where I struggle is socially. All my friends drink, many heavily. I don’t know what to do at social gatherings w alcohol. In some wars I feel quitting is tougher when you aren’t the typical daily alcoholic - as it’s easy to forget about the scary blackout nights once days and weeks go by. Thank you for any tips.


Hi. You’ve come to the right place. I think if you’ve looked up the app it means something. You say you really want to stop. People here will help you and through reading about their/our experiences you may gain clarity about sobriety. Friends is a hot topic. My mate Can’t accept I don’t drink and I just don’t want that life any more. But my resolve to improve my life and not to go back to spending every night in the pub is stronger. What you will find here are remarkable people who are caring and will listen and not judge. All the best. Tim


Hi and welcome @Jen3. Well done you for taking the first step - you will find plenty friends and support here on this forum. I’m new to this too - I was a daily drinker and am day 3 into my sobriety. While our drinking habit is different, we are both in the same boat - I hope you feel you can check-in anytime.
There are so many wonderful people on here and I’m sure you will fit in and find the tips you are looking for.


Thank you. I appreciate it. I think I need new friends. Dating is tough w out drinking too. Geberally people wanna drink on a date and while they can limit themselves I rarely can which has put me in scary blackout situations over over. But because I only drink once or twice a week friends and family don’t support me in trying to stop and always want me to drink because I become more outgoing. They keep wanting me to limit it and just not drive but I can’t limit once I get that allergic reaction and of course at that point you aren’t thinking clearly so you may drive when shouldn’t. I am guessing I may have to avoid dating or social scenes for a while


Thank you Josie. That means a lot to me. My mom was a hard core alcoholic and died of it (cirrhosis) so I know my drinking heavily or even at all is not good.


hey @Jen3 welcome to the forum :smiley: as @Tim stated you really did come to the right place :slight_smile: tons of people here who are willing to help you out. Check in here as often as you wish. I find is especially helpful to check in when im having a bad day to kind of get stuff off my chest.

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You’re very welcome xx
We already have found more things in common - I too have lost my Mum, she died almost 15 years ago from breast cancer and alcoholism runs in my family.
My Mum’s sister is an alcoholic and my Mum was a daily drinker before she passed away. It runs down my Dad’s side too. I see frightening similarities to myself and my aunt - she uses alcohol as an emotional crutch and is behind the point of no return with her drinking. After spending an evening on holiday with her and seeing her drink until she blacked out and fell face first of a chair then vomit it was a big wake up call to me. I could easily see that being my future if I carried on drinking the way I was.
I’m sure you can relate a lot to this after witnessing your Moms journey, and I’m so sorry for your loss.
Let’s beat this demon together :muscle:t2:

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I could really use a friend to talk with as well I want to get better and this is this first I have messaged on this app but have had if for 2 months

That’s what we’re all here for

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I know the feeling. I had to get new friends, in the program. I don’t have any other friends. It’s something I had to do for me. You can check in with me, if you want. I am online several times a day. Or you can email me at Smbest50@gmail.com. It does help to help to have someone in the program to chat with.

Welcome! You have come to the right place :grin:

So awesome to see such support from everyone. All have different stories but are aiming for the same outcome - a happier healthy life

Thank you. I think what be helpful to me is to check in w a friend each day so I have a voice as a reminder not to drink seeing that around me all my friends and family beg me to drink then I fall off

Thank you, I’d love that

Feel free to message me

Thank you Susie. I will do that. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much


Hi Jen,

I just want to say that if you don’t like the way alcohol reacts when you consume or you don’t like the person you are when you drinking alcohol then maybe that’s enough to make the decision to not drink. I personally quit drinking because I don’t like who I became when I drank alcohol. I mean I dont think an alcoholic has to drink everyday to be an alcoholic.

Personally I believe we all have free will, and we have to make choices in life and you have make the best choices that make you happy.

No matter what choice anyone makes, its your life and if you need support you came to the right place. :grin:

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Hi @Jen3 and welcome to the forum. :wave: Congrats on taking the first big step. Even at my worst I did not drink daily, but when I did I drank a lot and couldn’t control it. Social gatherings and dating can be very enjoyable without alcohol, just keep a favorite non-alcoholic drink in hand.

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Thank you so far so good. One day at a time. I don’t think I’m ready to be in a setting where everyone is drinking as I use it to ease social anxiety