How do I check in daily

First day again. Need all the help I can get. Stopped 4 and a half years ago but now keep starting and stopping. It causes me great depression and anxiety and guilt. Want to stop again permanently. Any help and advice most welcome

How do I check in daily


Use this thread :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down:

I’ve found it’s a great tool for keeping me accountable, even if I don’t write much.


Thanks. I think that will help me too


Hi Elaine, welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for that

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I am starting what seems like my 100th 1st day today also.

We can do it.


Yes. We definitely can. We could support each other

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Thanks for that

Hi elaine

I am in the same boat as you.
Iam starting again today but have never been more determined to conquer it this time.
I find just coming on here keeping in touch with these great people is a huge help. Iam also starting back at the pool and gym tomorrow after a long lockdown

Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Locky. I have been on this site before but never used the community and find it helps a lot already.
How are you today?


How is day 2?

It’s going well. I am not too busy at work but I have a busy afternoon/evening planned.

I said it in another thread but I don’t have a problem drying out but I start getting antsy after a week or so. Then I end up going on a bender for a day or two, feeling like shit and an asshole for a week, then doing it all again.

My challenge will be this weekend.

What about you? You hanging in there?

Feel OK. Back swimming now that lockdown lifting.
Whatabout new challenges yourself or with the famil

Swimming is great exercise but I’ve never been too good at it. When I am exercising I jog.

As for challenges. There are a number of them that I need to overcome. The good news is that I have made great progress and there is no reason why that can’t continue. The bad news is that it requires me to go through a daily grind that just mentally wears me down.

Then I drink to lighten my mood. But of course I drink too much because I simply do not do moderation and I end up feeling worse. I also end up losing productivity, skipping my side job, losing the revenue from that and prolonging my current set of issues.

I know that if I just quit drinking I can make great progress with pretty much everything that I see as an issue in life.

It sounds as if you are in a loop just repeating each day. Can you change something that breaks it?

Hi locky
How are you today?

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Not feeling to bad elaine went for a run this evening to clear the head nesrly killed me been so long since I done anything haha how are you today

Went swimming late this afternoon and got loads of bits and pieces done that have been hanging over me.
So all good today

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Good to hear just take each day as it comes :slightly_smiling_face: