How do I get through day 1

Hi, how do I actually get through day 1?


Sit on here all day if that’s what it takes bc the last place you want to be is alone with your own thoughts. Every idea I every had led to me getting drunk or high so best place to be was with other sober people who knew me better than I knew myself. Oh and learn the word ACCEPTANCE because everything your about to go through is exactly how it’s meant to be, your not different, special or the only one and remember when it’s hurting the most is when your at your strongest, it’s you finding the strength to do what needs to be done. I wish you well on your journey :slightly_smiling_face:


Conscious contact with your higher power. Be in a constant state of prayer. Find things to be thankful for and thank your higher power for them. Read a book, clean, take a bath, food prep, exercise… do whatever you gotta do to stay busy. And just keep talking to your higher power throughout the day. Just like if your best friend or your favorite family member was there in the room with you.

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Welcome Katrina.
I’m glad you found us.
Have a good read around on here.
Here are two good threads to start:

Join in when you’re comfortable.
You got any questions just ask.

My first few days? I spent a lot of time on here. I did 2 angry power walks a day with Eminem and some other gangsta music like that. I was so angry. And I took 2 showers a day. My second shower was in the evening instead of going out drinking. Long hot shower. I did a lot of crying in those showers. I just cannot drink like a normie. And I was so upset and angry. It wasn’t fair. After that I would be all relaxed and pour myself lots of my favorite sparkling water in my favorite wine glass and cook a healthy meal.

Oh and ice cream. Gelato. Chocolate. Cookies. Anything but booze.

Hope to see you around.
This is a great place for support.


Reflect on what it is you want for yourself. You are worth more than alcohol or drugs…

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If you can
Don’t be alone. At all
Call a friend THAT YOU TRUST and ask them to spend time with you
Someone who has a AT LEAST little more will power than you or I at the beginning.

I have 22 years sobriety which did not come easy at first. Don’t try 22 right off

Try one

  • day
  • morning
  • hour
  • minute

Just one