How do you deal with the isolation?

Im having a hard time with being alone… I’m disabled I’ve been in my apartment since April 22nd after being in a nursing home for a year-and-a-half Gatorland autoimmune disorder that had me paralyzed for that year and a half… I do have family that lives in Missouri my mother, my younger brother… but they have lives of their own so I don’t see them very often. :frowning: due to the situation with my health I don’t have any friends here… So, I’m lonely have sleep issues
either I sleep too much or I have insomnia , then the racing thoughts and the depression sets in and I don’t know what to do to get out of my head and get out of this funk! Just in the last few days it’s been really hard not to pick up the phone and call somebody that I know back in California and have them send me some s***! And I can’t help these thoughts and just the thought of doing it again makes me sick!!
Any advice on ways you cope with isolation during recovery would be greatly appreciated!! I am 2 years 5 months clean and really want to keep it that way!! :pray::innocent::pray:

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Well, you can usually find people here. Read a lot. Post a lot.

Find an online meeting. I love my online community! There is something about seeing the faces you are talking to. At least for me, it makes me feel less alone.

I am glad you reached out.


Thank you! How would I find an online meeting?

This is a start. I don’t know your DOC. I attend

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I like for online meetings. They have meetings just for women in recovery which are my favorite. It’s very different from AA or NA. They welcome all addictions and there’s a different topic at each meeting but you can share on whatever you want. If you don’t want to share, you can just listen.