How do you stop from having relapses?

I was sober 4 days. Then one day my therapist says, sorry i dont think i can help you anymore, and im back in the bottle. Is it ok to stop drinking cold turkey? I guess im just lost on what to do, to make me better. Any advise is good at this point. Lots of love and support to all going through this.


Most of us can stop cold turkey, but it depends on the amounts you drink and for how long.
If you drink very high amounts every day and for many years I would suggest to see a doctor for advice and assistance.
But you have quit once so I guess you can do that again. It’s difficult to not fall back into old habits like you already noticed. We easily return to drinking when something difficult happends and we have to deal with that emotionally.
What helps is to make some kind of plan. You can read about that here:What's YOUR plan? and you will find mine here:2 years sober and what helped me to get there:. Maybe you see something in it you can use for yourself.
Ever consider AA? It also can be visit online!
Try to learn from your relapse, what can you do to avoid a new one?
Maybe come here when you have cravings to talk about it?
Ore go for a long walk to get the edge off?
Ore take a hot shower to relax a bit?
Ore go to the gym for a good workout?

Try what works for you! :facepunch:

And a warm welcome for you ofcourse, happy that you’ve found us! We are a surportive group of people with all kind of addiction, helping eachother.


Hey and glad you found us. My therapist telling me she would stop sessions if I continued drinking was the wake up call for me as well. It did, what bruises, emergency rooms and shameful mornings couldn’t do. I knew it was the most promising way of ever getting better. For many of us drinking is just a very disfunctional way to avoid emotions, change and responsibility. The good news is, with a therapist you already have someone who’s gonna help you, if you do your part.
Looking back I realise just how much of a depressant alcohol really is. Admitting it, is the most important step. From here on, all you have to do is stay sober today.
When it gets tough, find someone to call, check n here, read around, find a hobby as a distraction. Avoid places you used to drink at.
You can do it. :sparkles:


Welcome Mandy!
I couldn’t stay stopped either and finally surrendered. Asking for help was a huge challenge because I felt it meant I was weak. Turns out I’m not weak, just suffering from an illness. I found that help in an intensive outpatient program followed by AA. I was surprised to find that there are many more people out there just like me. I’ve learned a new way to cope with life substance free from those in AA with experience. Never thought that was possible but I went in with an open mind, found a sponsor and continue to work the program. I hope you find what works for you. Wishing you well on your journey.

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Welcome Amanda. Glad you found us.
Being active on here keeps me sober. This is a great app :+1:

Have a good read around. Join in when you’re comfortable.