I am ready to quit now

Hello everyone, not sure anyone will read this but I want too tell my story of why I am here. My drinking is getting out of hand. What social drinking used to be is now drinking whiskey and tequila by the bottles. I have never let alcohol effect my social life in a negative way. My wife and I spend 4 nights apart for work and in those four days I drink way to much. The negative way all this has effected me which is probably the worst is my health. I have gained weight, and have little energy to do anything and fear it’s getting worse. So I am on a mission to go as long as possible without a drink. My goal is 90 days and keep going from there. I want to check in here to see if I find support and motivation. Thank for reading if you did. Let’s make it happen. Ps: I am on day 1


One day at a time friend. You are in the right place for support here - lots of insightful people and lots to learn. Read around & see what you find. You won’t be disappointed.

Recovery will take some support & some help to better understand yourself, and re-set some of your habits. Have you considered joining a group? For me it made a big difference - having others there who understood, helped me feel less alone and helped me turn things around.


Welcome! This place is a great first step.

You’ve taken your first steps in the right direction. I’m 9M 26D into my journey. I decided on my own that I will never drink another drop of alcohol again. That past life is dead to me.


I’m in the same boat. A friend recommended I check out this app for support. I have a massive headache right now and wasted the whole day. I’m at that point where I’m tired of it. I’m getting chunky as well and have zero energy/focus to do anything. I’m also starting to look old, haha. I’ve been unhappy for a while now and I realize that the alcohol isn’t making it any better. I have tried to give it up before but I would only make it to a day or two. But I am officially done as well. We got this!


Good for you! :innocent: Addiction is a vicious life-stealing disease and that you recognize that now is a good first step. This is a good place to learn and find support - read around and you’ll find so much useful info.

I love this thread for all its suggestions for audiobooks, podcasts, and support groups:
Resources for our recovery

And this one for the online meetings:
Online meeting resources

There’s also a Zoom meeting people here on TS organize, I think it’s twice a week. It’s pretty laid back, people talking and listening, and it’s so nice for getting out of your head and feeling in a community of people who’ve been through the same thing:

Welcome. Take it one day at a time, don’t try to think big picture - just keep it simple and remember: you’re a good person, a worthy person, who deserves a safe, sober life where she can be her full self. That is always true - no matter what. :smile:


Welcome to both of you! The community here is great. I’ve been taking my sobriety one day at a time and this forum has helped me tremendously. Congrats to both of you on your day 1!


Thank you, Matt.

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LETS GOO! :pray::raised_hands:

One day at a time, time to build yourself and your vision.

Day by day.


One day at a time. I plan on making a post every day to keep myself on track and kinda document my journey. Let’s keep it going.


Day 1 for the both of us then. Good luck and keep going!

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