I am so alone

I’m on day 2 and I know it’s not much … But I’m trying. I want to get better, but at the same time I am completely alone, no family, no friends, dead end job… I honestly don’t know if I am strong enough. I guess I’m just looking to see that I’m not alone. That I’m not the only one. That someone somewhere understands what I’m feeling because at this point why shouldn’t I drink myself into oblivion? No one would miss me… Sorry long rant please any and all words of encouragement please…


2 days is awesome! You don’t have to do this alone. Have you been to meetings near you? You Weill find family and friends there. Google AA in your city.
Or google AA virtual meetings. go to meetings, get a sponsor. You don’t have to do this alone! :heart:


I went to my first one this morning and a second one a little bit ago. I’m trying. I fear I am awkward and unapprochable at the moment because I’m feeling shame


Hang in there. It gets better . Just don’t give up . Ever


Congratulations on day 2 Chelsea.
Stopping drinking was one of the hardest things in the world for me to do. Luckily I found this sober community on line and now I’m doing it. One day at a time.
Head on over to the gratitude thread and list 10 things you’re grateful for.

Just do it.
I try and start every day right there listing the things I’m grateful for. There’s a great bunch of people over there. You are not alone. There’s a great bunch of people on lots of threads here. Have a good read around. But first. Post some gratitude and read some.
Hope to see you around.

I like what @SoberDaves said too. You don’t have to do this alone. I couldn’t. I got help. And I’m doing it.
Hope to see you around.


Day 2 is a great start hun, don’t feel like your alone as you have this “family” here for you. The fact that you reached out even though you feel shame is a great sign!! Feeling like you have no one and Feeling alone is a natural feeling, you think no one cares and no one would miss you but you are wrong. We would miss you :pensive:
Never give up, there’s a reason why you want to sober up, you may not know what that reason is but it will become clearer as more time that goes by that you are sober. I hope you’re doing well today and remember, one minute at a time is great too!! Hugs, love and prayers :heart: :pray::sparkles:


Hi and welcome to the community :blush: I remember feeling like no one gave a rat’s ass about me or my feelings. My drinking gave way to my own personal pity party. I guess I would cry- and a lot, when I was drunk. I don’t remember because I was blacked out. But when I found a support group that did care about me and my sobriety, it changed my world from a person who is trying not to drink to a person who is working on sobriety. It’s imperative to have that support. You may also want to talk to your doc about something to help with any depression that may be hovering around :heart: I have faith that you can do this! :pray:


Hi there hun! And congratulations on 2 days sober! I am so proud of you! It’s a hard decision to get sober! And those first few days are are the the hardest! We’re all here cheering you on! Welcome to talking sober!


Two days is great! Congratulations!
Sober you will have the time and energy to makes changes in your life. Of course some things are beyond your control, but there is nothing alcohol addiction can’t make worse. You are for sure not alone here. :blush:


Welcome to all three of you newcomers
@Kai.Jay @SoberDaves and @Cdc91

Lots of support and friendship for all of you. You are not alone.


Welcome! You’re not alone. Stoked to see you here!


Remember 4 letters that will knock you flat and are your greatest enemies:

H - Hungry
A - Angry
L - Lonely
T - Tired

You aren’t alone, we are all behind you. Although we are online it doesnt dismiss the value of the many people here that are ready to support and encourage you.

Come here often and talk - we can help and we care.

There are steps - have to talked to social services? Talked to programs that can give you an open door of some sort?

Have a plan. Get shaved, showered up, cleaned up and know today and every other day is a step to a better future in sobriety. I would contact some counseling services [walk ins] even a church - ask to speak to a Pastor and pour your heart out. We all need someone to give us a chance, an inch, a hand - perhaps that is just around the corner.

Choices can make or break you. Make wise choices not on how you feel right now but what you know you are aiming for - being sober. You have to be literally at the bottom of the barrel. There are no half-ies. There’s the rock bottom, sick of yourself and willing do everything to get out from the addiction’s claws of destruction. That choice only comes from you.

It sucks but it’s the truth. It does get better. You can’t give up when you barely given in to sobriety. It’s worth it mate. I can tell you that much. Day 2 for the win! Let’s look forward to many days head!


Hi please don’t feel shame. You have nothing to ashamed of.

I hope the AA meetings are helping.

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I don’t even know how to tell you what that message means to me. Thank you. I’m actively moving forward. 6 days and counting


6 days, wow! Congrats! You got this and you will feel better as times goes by. Don’t give up!


Yay 6 days. Stay strong and the days will keep adding up!


You are definitely definitely definitely not alone! Welcome to the club! And don’t downplay only two days, that’s incredible! Ask anyone who has quit 30 years ago, and they will tell you it is the beginning that was most challenging. But it definitely definitely definitely gets better! Everyone has given you grad advice, AA is such a great place to start, and you don’t have to feel shamed there. We all have a story, we all have done things that we are not proud of……

We can’t control or predict the past or the future. But we absolutely can control the present. And you are doing that right now. I’m proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself!

Everyone is different, and although there’s nothing funny about substance-abuse, sometimes humor has helped me. One thing me and my sober friends do to make each other feel better is when someone says something that they did, the other person says, that’s nothing, one time I…… for example, early in an AA meeting someone was sulking about some legal trouble they had, this old timer, says, that’s nothing, I was looking at jail time in two different counties, the judge flipped the coin in front of me to see which prison, I’m going to first. Again, not funny, but I just wanted to tell you that you’re not alone, we are all in the same boat, my friend. Keep coming back here!

Oh, one more thing, and this I know for certain. Drinking will absolutely positively not make things better. In fact, it will make them 10 times worse. Afternoon and nights will be more difficult, but if you can put your head down on the pillow sober, just wait until the morning. You will feel glorious! And every day it gets better and better


You’ve got this!


@Cdc91 ok. I know is not real life but I am here. You are not completely alone. If I can help somehow…
Courage!!! Please don’t give up my friend

I understand this so very much. I’m on day 6 and honestly every single day has been like torture. But I keep pushing through. It’s so incredibly hard but you deserve it. Future you deserves it. You are worth it!!

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