I decided to admit I have a problem

Well, I’ve had an account on here for a while. I’ve gone back and forth with thinking drinking was becoming to big of a part of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to admit not just to myself but my family that I have a drinking problem. So, this is the start to my journey of being sober. I know it’ll be a up hill battle, so I am open to any suggestions or ideas on way’s to stay sober. Day one of my journey.


Welcome back! Be active on here, it helped me. Look into a recovery program like SMART or AA


Welcome back Sean. That’s a great first step admitting you got a problem.

My strongest tool is gratitude. Every single day.

In recovery, we either learn to be grateful, or we don’t last. Gratitude is the air of recovery. Gratitude is what makes the lungs of recovery fill, the heart beat, and the life flow.

I got so much to be grateful for now that I’m sober.
I hope to see you around.
Your worth it.


thats the hard part done maybe try a meeting make it easier wish you well


My name is Shawn too! And I just did the same thing with drinking. Last night at 8pm was my most recent drink. I’m deff cheering you on my friend.


Admitting to loved ones is a huge step in the right direction my friend. Welcome back

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