I'm new here. What's your experience from this community?

I found this place yesterday and I’m curious what your experience is, if this community have helped you in any way and what you think of it.


Best online community I’ve ever been part of, sobriety forum or not.


Like any sort of recovery tool, if you use it properly and act on the advice given it can be very benifitial to your journey.
Spend time reading as much as you can, search up any questions you have, there is a wealth of information available on here from people who have been where you are.
The stats bear out the fact that the more you Interact the more chance you have a staying sober.
I can honestly say it has been my life saver. I wouldn’t have over 425 days without it.


I only have positive things to say. I managed to stay sober for 4 months using this community last year. I relapsed. I am back and determined and yet again I have been made welcome and feel supported.


Place has helped me stay sober since I joined 18+ months ago.

Has stayed active, with plenty of support from it’s membership.


This community in my opinion,has literally saved my life ,I come on read,share my journey and follow other journeys,it’s a great tool to have and use, alongside other support services.xwelcome


Sometimes I feel replying is redundant after you been in a thread :joy:

I second Geoff here.

This place have kept me sober, I was able to discuss my deepest fears and shames and I got awesome input which helped me coop and stay clean.

Also there’s lots of fun to find if you find peers with humor alike


Hello and welcome to you! This place is fantastic. It’s like a family. Honestly, stick around. Read, share and be a part of it. There is always someone around when ever you need to know you are not alone. In my 146 days sober I have had to go through some real difficult situations where I undoubtedly would of turned to booze to “help” me through. Instead I came here, as so many do, and these guys truly helped me deal and process the hard stuff…absolutely no DOC needed. This place is like a warm hug from a close family member. Xxx


Like @anon12657779 said read, read, read. It helps immensely to see that others are going through the same as you. This forum is the best thing that was ever recommend to me.


It’s a big tool in my sobriaty! It works for me!! :confetti_ball:
But you have to do the work so to say.
It’s a tool, so you have to use it. Read here and not just 5 minutes. I’m here since my day one, 473 days ago. Still sober and worked hard for it and I still do. I’m here every day to keep me focussed. This app is my AA.
Welcome here! 🙋


Thanks for all replies!
I’ve got 6 months clean and sober and have attended NA meetings regularly since day one. NA is the main reason why I’ve managed to stay clean. But lately my life demands a bit more of me and my time and I feel like I don’t get to go as often as I would like.

From the stuff I’ve read here so far it feels like this forum can help with staying focused and venting if you either need or just feel like sharing something.


Best thing I’ve ever downloaded on my phone. Ever. Has really helped my sobriety journey. Tons of good info. Lots of encouragement when you need it. There are a few people who can be contrary at times. But like any family I just ignore the ones who bring me down. :joy::joy: Take what you need from here and leave the rest. I don’t get to as many AA meetings as I’d like because of my work schedule so this has been a life saver!


Welcome!! Been here just shy of 3 years and it has helped me immensely. I highly recommend reading all of these threads to get a feel…

Frequently Asked Questions


Its a great place and like any community of strangers will have its share of drama. I recommend learning the “mute thread” and “ignore person” buttons. I find them helpful to keep me focused on threads that I like, and stop me from arguing with people. Hope you enjoy it here. Good luck and God bless.


I would say that one of my favorite threads is the “Checking in Daily to Maintain Focus” thread. I check in daily and am always encouraged there. Search for it and anything else using the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.


Ditto I enjoy that one the most.

I’ll check it out! Thanks!

Congratulations on the 6 months @bikethief

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Thank you!

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Congrats on 6 months and welcome to this awesome community. I do AA too but this app helps when i can’t get to a meeting or feel the need to vent. Also, no judgment at all which allows me to talk about things in my life that i wouldn’t share with those close to me. Be sure to check in daily. Here’s the link Checking in daily to help maintain focus #6