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Welcome back, Cazz.

Hello, I’m Stephanie in Ohio. I got sick a couple weeks ago from beer and decided to take a couple days off. Now I’m on day nine and I don’t want to drink again. I’ve been drinking for twenty years and I know it’s only harmed me and ruined my life at times. I feel so much better without it, like my brain has started working again and I’m out of a fog. I’ve stopped before but always went back gradually. This time I’m determined to stay away.


Hi Brittany I feel you girl. Been there myself. I’m also 24 but I’m now 8 months sober. If you need a friend to lean on please message me. You can do this girl :heart::hugs:


Thank you for sharing your story. How are you doing these days? If nothing else…I am supporting you.

Hey good morning! I cant believe i said that because if i could have it any other way i would be sleeping right now. I normally am not a person to talk about anything ive been through, maybe thats y im a mental case but; Ive been slowly detaching myself from that way of thinking. But Im 36, and i just decided last night to finally bite that bullet and finally get clean. Ive been saying that for years but i feel in my soul, body, and mind that it will happen. My life up to this point has been really mentally and emotionally draining. I have really been trying to keep my head above water but i feel like i need to change the direction that im swimming in order to do so…Growing up i was molested at a young age by my father who was a heavy drinker. I started heavily drinking when i was in my early 20s. Switched to harder substances when i was 25. I started escorting after my friend drugged me and him and 5 of his friends had their way with me one night. From 26 to 30 it was a blurr to me. I just completely spiraled out of control. Especually because that wasnt the first time it happened and he knew that, and he did that bullshit. When i turned 31 it was the 1st time i tried to get sober but of course i failed. Tried multiple times after that nothing worked. I did manage to get myself clean off meth. I still have my vices though up until yesterday. Hopefully this time is diffrent. Im just tiered of being tiered. im running a kitchen which i never thought i would be doing which is actually something i wanted to do since i was maybe 12 or 13 before things got really bad. Ive worked my ass off to get to were i am in my career… Ive been really into editing photos recently as a way just to seperate myself from life.
I shoot pool as well and decorate cakes. But thats a little bit about me. Hopefully this time i stay sober. Ive been really depressed and anxious recently so hopefully i figure out another way to deal with shit.


Welcome to the community friend. This is a great place to be surrounded by support and others who understand the struggles of addiction.
Great work on starting on your day 1. We can not do this alone so connections in real life and on here or other recovery groups are vital to our journey.

So sorry for all that you have been through. Sending you strength and love. Hope to see you around

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Welcome to the site @Agckohl ! I’m glad you found the site to get helpful support!

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I’m Christy and I’m 26 days sober. It’s my first day on here and I’m feeling ready to have some sort of community around me. I actually haven’t told anyone about my sobriety yet, and I’m navigating how to be this person who arguably has her life publicly very together and this person who absolutely knew it was time to put down the red/white/rose/bubbly wine glass. I’m feeling like I’m surfing… one minute, I’m effing crushing it, running further than I have in forever, sleeping like a queen, crushing work projects with new ideas and a clear mind and the next I’m… so angry that I can’t have a glass of red wine like a normal person. So mad that I can’t sit on my porch with a goblet of rose and listen to Morgan Wallen on a summer night and have that just be a simple thing. Or I start getting anxiety about my trip in a month with some of my girl friends who are all party girls and telling them I’m not drinking… or maybe I just won’t even say a word and just not? I luckily don’t need booze to dance or talk to people, so I’m not worried about that part. Anyway, I’m rambling. I’m so glad to be here and I look forward to hopefully lending a lifting hand to you all when you need it. When I’m not doing this stuff, I’m an avid athlete- tennis, yoga, pickleball, most sports really, standup paddle board and such… a budding cook, a gardener, world traveler and outdoors woman. I shamelessly love pop music but I’ll listen to most things from country to rock as well. I’ve never turned down a trip to an arcade and I love all things water- sweat, ocean, hydration and tears. Water heals everything. :two_hearts:


Welcome to the community, glad you’re here too. As far as being angry, I was pissed for a long time about not just being able to relax and drink like a normal person, and I tried every way under the sun to moderate, and failed every time. Life is so much better, calmer, and more at peace then I’ve been since forever. Don’t worry about next months trip, or next year’s party, just take it day by day and make your only priority to hit the pillow sober tonight. Congrats on your sober time. :v::green_heart:


Good for you for doing the work, your kids will be so grateful one day.

All newbies here, welcome! Was living that bartender life for 15+ years. 55 days ago I was in a place that put me on my knees and made me make a choice in how I was living and the way I was dealing with my past in all the wrong ways. I was not being a good person to myself. This community has helped me tremendously. It’s a safe place to hang out and express how you’re feeling. God Bless and welcome to the real party. Just wanted to share that as I enjoy my morning :coffee: and :open_book:


How are you doing today?