Jay's Journey

You should be able to highlight the text and copy it…paste it to a notepad app or email it to yourself. I emailed and printed off so that i could see daily :wink: let me know if it doesnt work.

I bookmarked it :sweat_smile: still not 100% confident in my ability to find bookmarked things, but i might just do what you said and copy/paste it to myself :blush: thanks for such a thorough list! There’s something in there for everyone i think!

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10 days! Not a drop of alcohol has hit my tongue in 10 entire days! I am absolutely elated, even almost forgot to check in today haha

On to the next!


You rock!!! 10 days is huge - im so happy for you. Have a wonderful sober day :blush:


Congratulations on 10 days! That is still one of my proudest milestones because it’s so damn hard to get. You never have to go through those first 10 days again :slightly_smiling_face:. Keep on ODAAT my friend!


Where to begin where to begin, I’ve been painting the past week all rosey and nice and pretty, but man looks like it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of things.

So, 2 weeks almost, 12.5 days and I am EXTREMELY proud of how far I’ve come so far and I do not intend to go back to the bottle ever. However, I think the past couple of weeks, hell, past month even, has been the most I’ve seen doctors, nurses, and the like in almost 10 years. Been squeezed, poked, prodded, taken all sorts of pills and what have you. Now this is something I’ve done all willingly mind you and another thing to note is that I HATE needles… Over the past week I’ve drawn blood twice, once to check for hep, cholesterol, thyroid, everything. Got poked again yesterday to check hormone levels to see where I stand on testosterone in preparation to poke myself for the next few years in supplementation.

In the meantime, throughout all of this I sprained my ankle and am currently on a boot and crutches, now I know I have it easy compared to some, it could absolutely have been worse but damn, this week’s been rough.

I will not drink, it’s not an option, just because I’ve had a bad time isn’t a good reason to open a bottle, fuck that. Lets see where the next few days take me


Wow that does sound like a LOT. Good for you standing fast in your choice to get better! You’re doing great! :people_hugging:



My goodness - I do hope that you get some results from all these tests and the doctors are able to help you. Fingers crossed that they are done with all the poking for the time being.
Great attitude to not go back to the drink – hell nothing good will ever come from that (it’s ALWAYS a backwards road).
Sending healing vibes!


Thank you, taking a little time off work and doing what little I can do to get some things done around the house, tidy up a bit.

One day at a time, will be celebrating 2 weeks soon enough


I’ll be getting results tomorrow from my addiction treatment doc, hopefully all good things! Fingers crossed my cholesterol is in a good spot, would hate to have a heart attack at 29 haha

Thanks again for your inspiration, insane how a drink can ruin so many lives

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Yes our DOC’s have caused a lot of damage but we can start healing. Test results tomorrow - :crossed_fingers:
Just remember that whatever the results are you are now on the sobriety journey and can start to correct the damage. 29 years of age - You can work on yourself mental / physical and spiritual health and have a healthy future!!!


Here’s to day 13, no updates to report, just chillin. Good night all


Day 13

Today I could finally kinda walk without those darn crutches, still got the boot but I feel it getting better. Thank god. After this week next week I drop down to every two weeks with the doc. My therapist suggested celebrate recovery, contemplating attending

Celebrating 2 weeks tomorrow :tada:


Glad you are healing both outwardly and inwardly - YEAH YOU!
Two weeks tomorrow - you are killing it!!! Here’s to another day sober my friend. :muscle: :heart:


Day 15, half a month, I feel absolutely incredible

So the past couple of weeks I’ve sporadically been at work on and off, not only for the alcohol to get out of my system, but this darn foot injury that put me in a boot. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise since I haven’t had the stress of work putting me in a position where I would want a drink before detoxing myself from the poison completely.

Now I completely understand I’m far from out of the woods, there are still triggers I must account for. One being leaving work and going home, that’s a big one for me that I must prepare myself for going back to work on Monday. Then there are the stressful days that would make me think “damn I need a beer”, I’ll need to reframe those thoughts. I’ve switched over to peace tea a replacement and it’s worked very well, I love peace tea and anyone who knows, knows just how good the stuff is like c’mon what’s not to like.

Anyway, I’m super proud of not only going two weeks, but now a day and a half past, and if I can do that, I can do a month. But I’m not going to focus on that, just one day at a time, no more than that.

Celebrating day 15, on to the next!


Yay @JayP congrats on the streak! I hope you continue your sober journey.

Ok…i have to ask…whats peace tea?


It’s a brand of canned tea that comes in these large 24oz cans, kinda like Arizona tea but much prefer peace tea. You might have seen them at gas stations
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Ahhh whats your favorite flavor?


I love the razzleberry and snowberry flavors, they’re so good

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Day 16 done,

My therapist recently suggested celebrate recovery while I was talking with her, she says it’s a great place to congregate with people on the same path and celebrating their own sobriety like myself. Apparently there’s a fairly large group that meets about 5 minutes away from my place, will probably go.

Aside from that, I’m feel pretty good, the devil on my shoulder is starting to creep on me but I have a list that I go back to each and every time it starts to bug me. Fuck alcohol. Enemy of life as I know it.

Recently with all of the medical stuff and doctor visits, it’s put me in a bit of a bind financially, thankfully as a part time day trader I can make some cash on the side but it’s definitely not enough to live off of.

I will make it thru this test, it’s just a test. celebrating 16 days of sobriety. On to the next!