Join me in spreading light in the fog

I’m setting an intention in coming weeks to be especially mindful of the beautiful, happy things in life that are going right, and attempting to share that with others. I need it right now, and others around me need it for coping with the uncertainty around us right now.

Does this mean I won’t complain? Or mention the coronavirus? Nope nope nope. But I will try to be mindful of how often I’m doing it and consider whether it helps me and others to do so. I will also try to speak up more often during all those moments I notice something neat or heartwarming or amusing, instead of keeping it to myself.

What are your thoughts? What can I/we do in our personal lives to ease the mental health burden of the coronavirus situation, for ourselves and others?


Calm is contagious. Let’s spread some of that.


I’ve noticed that I’m napping more. :sweat_smile:

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Yes! Attitudes definitely spread.

Thinking along that path, if as individuals we stay grounded and balanced, it helps others around us in society to do so. So not only is it better for us practically if we stay sober during this time, it actually helps everyone else by being a calm influence. Our selfish recovery is also a service to others.


You may find some light here as well…


Honestly, I’ve been super stoked the past week because the birds are chirping when I wake up. It’s something so simple, but it’s something that, for whatever reason, seems to get my day started in a good way, which directly translates to my mood for the rest of the day.

PMA all day.

I enjoyed this article :heart:


Love this so much. Thank you.


Noticing that spring has sprung the beauty in a sunny morning all those things that we get pulled away from just BC life gets in the way especially now or this uncertainty is around us daily, positive vibes and massive hugs to you all​:rose::bouquet::strawberry::seedling::apple::four_leaf_clover::twisted_rightwards_arrows::twisted_rightwards_arrows::heart::pray:


Did someone say NAP


This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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Absolutely. I know when I’m distressed, I want something or someone to help calm me. I don’t want someone to co-sign and validate how crummy I feel. That only fuels it. Why not try to be that comforting force? You never know who you might influence in a positive way and hopefully they’ll pass that along to someone else. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be the light you want to see.

I was just at the store and I needed a small gas can. I have a generator at home, but I never have fuel for it. (I should probably have this on hand at all time regardless, but this situation just made me think about it more). Of course, all gas cans were sold out except two, which were both in the hands of another gentleman. He asked me if I needed one. I said “yes” and he handed one over. I thanked him and went on my way. It may seem small, but it every person did small selfless things like this, it would have a huge impact. As much as this brings out the crazy in some, it can bring out the best in others. We all have the ability to be the positive influence.


This came to mind when I was on a walk just now. My son’s and I go for walks and hikes a lot (less hikes lately because of the broken bone in my foot) but we’ve been on a few walks lately and my youngest will continually stop and move the rolly pollies (pill bugs) from the sidewalk to the grass so they don’t get stepped on.

I know it’s “inconsequential” and most likely they will just come back on the sidewalk. But it’s his intention and kindness that really warm my heart. I love my son’s so much and I’m so grateful I get to see the world through their eyes.


Yeah, good questions and reflections. My intention is not to burry my feelings , which I usually do. I think my main intention has been "how do I empower myself and others to take care of the Self to build compassion for others… But like for real*.

I started a Reiki course, universal spiritual healing practice, and first and foremost on myself. I’m finding myself going “come on, get it so you can be available for others!” Which is causing this intense strain, I’m actually feeling ill lately because it got compound by the current situation and realizing, omg I’m lost and scared! Which is not helping me or anyone.

This space, TS, has seen me be demanding of help, and I feel safe to do this here. I need this help, because on a daily basis, I need to help others. But I’m still learning about this dynamic and trying to resolve it.

I won’t be shy to discuss my honest feelings here, because it’s that space. I will , with your reflections, be mindful and try to learn from reading when I feel spinning out of control. But this spinning had led me to drink, so I won’t hesitate to share.

Thanks for the opportunity to share. Although my respond was “décousu” (tangled), it helped clarify what intentionS I can make and follow. :heart: I’m glad I’m back because of you.


From the book: Find Your Mantra by Aysel Gunar


This is a 13 minute guided meditation, I’ve found very useful. While the concept practiced in this meditation is always pertinent, I think it’s just obviously more needed in these times. :pray:t2:


My yoga teacher shared this quote the other day which feels like it fits here quite nicely :pray::sparkling_heart:



I believe,
From suffering comes knowledge,
when we lose something we gain something else,
sadness is followed by happiness,
Where there is no hope, you will find hope,
Only when your at your weakest you will find your true strength,
Every dark night ends with a new light to follow,
I believe in YOU.

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I think like you, the Light before Jesus was dark
Iam new here and its hard for me, but it helps to read such words like yours greetings from Germany