Let's Try Something...Share your Victory

Share an accomplishment since you’ve gotten sober and/or clean…

During the height of my drinking, I was 247lbs. This weekend the wife and I ran our 4th 5K in as many months (that’s our agreement. One race a month). I ran it at abt 195lbs. We live in the Atlanta area, which is reasonably hilly. We ran thisone in Biloxi, MS which is at sea level and F-L-A-T. All that said, she cut 1:31 off her best time and I cut 3:19.

Had you told me on 31 Dec 2013 I’d be 7+ years sober and running 5K’s I’d have called you a fool.
This is something you can do. We don’t love alcohol or weed or heroin or whatever our DoC is. It just owns us and we tell ourselves we love it to make it ok in our minds.

What is your Victory?



Being sober for 17 months keeping my promise to my children I wouldn’t drink or self harm again. And I haven’t.
And I won’t.


The biggest accomplishment is definitely being sober and clean. Not relying on that crutch when life gets too much to handle - because in reality, it can never be too much. There is always a way. Accomplishment in learning to be a bit more vulnerable, even if it is just a tiny mouse poop compared to what it could be.

Other victories:

  • healthier diet now after many months of being sober, which also includes slowly but surely being vegan instead of vegetarian

  • finally decreasing my intake of Pepsi Max and not feeling too anxious that I have to run to the kiosk to buy some more

  • basically nicotine free finally (maybe once or twice a month I take snus or half a ciggie in company)

  • finally taking the stairs in my apartment instead of the elevator

  • not needing my inhaler as much

  • training crossfit more or less regularly and getting stronger and fitter

  • no crippling anxiety every day

  • Better sleep - and actually feeling rested!


My main victory is over my lethargy, my depression (even though I’m on a low dose of antidepressants), my life history, my cynicism, my laziness, my narcissism, my antisocial behaviour patterns, my suicidal ideations. Drugging and boozing fed all those. Being sober and clean has given me the change to fight these. One day at a time.


-Maintaining my Sobriety (1Y 5M)

-My Wife never seeing me Drunk since the day we met.

-Finally feeling Confident in my Sobriety and not hiding it any more. I’m very open about it and you’d be surprised how many people are interested in it.


my wife and my sons only known a sober dad and husband


Outstanding job, Ray. I wish I could say the same.


Stay on it Mac.


Excellent, excellent work Chatterbox. Same w me. My son died in 2015. He saw me sober for the last 20 months of his life. That is worth every minute of work.


My wife wouldn’t date me before I got sober. She is now the Love of My Life


Yesterday was the first day that I had gone to a brewery for work and didn’t drink. These work visits usually involve tasting many beers, talking beer, talking beer ingredients, tasting more beer, and of course having several beers after all of the beer tasting. Yep, that is a lot of beer. But, yesterday I managed to graciously pass on all the beer offers without question and still get me job done. I call that a win! Wish me luck though, I have to go to three wineries next week.

Please, help me stay motivated and share your wins. I don’t care how big or small they are. This community is a great help along this new new journey. Stay strong and shine on!


That sounds like a great win!

More successes (and struggles!) Here…


This is impressive stuff :+1:well done.
For me I’ve had the hardest week with home, work and ending in a car accident and all I want to do is get drunk and stoned but I haven’t. This is a win / miracle.


Thanks for sharing. I was having some form of a pity party today… :roll_eyes::skull:

Reality check another day at work means you still have a job. Long days mean bigger checks. And extra bonus ive been so busy I haven’t even had time to think about drinking.

So yeah wins everywhere you look if you choose to see them. Thanks for changing my perspective. :slight_smile::blush:


Found a pill in an old purse. Didn’t take it. Got rid of it. Win!!


Whoa! I feel you. After a week like that, no wonder you feel like getting stoned and having a drink. I definitely agree that is a major win. Stay strong :+1:


Absolutely a win! Way to own your sobriety. Thanks for sharing your win.

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Thank you :pray:! It is so easy to get lost in the sauce some days. It is the small victories that get us through.

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We have entered a time frame where you say, “I am a vegan” and it’s cool. “I am a Baptist.” Cool. Maybe we are approaching a time where, “I don’t drink.” Cool.

I know for years, I was That Guy. Not crazy, but small town and I’d be at the Mexican place or the pizza joint and everyone knew I was there to drink. I was always very upfront w the fact that I was there to drink, no matter where ‘there’ was, so today I am very upfront about being sober. It is never a condemnation of anyone else, just what I choose to do.

All those things said, just get through today. You never need a drink, you just want one…right up until you take one. You wouldn’t hand over control of your Life to your worst enemy…yet that is what we do if we drink.

Just a sidebar, Dec 12th of last year would have been my late son’s 17th birthday. My wife was working so I went to next town over to look at some clothes (Retail Therapy, don’t judge me, Bro. I consider myself a bit of a low key clotheshorse) I was walking on the sidewalk at the strip mall, the wife texts, I stop to check it…and I look up and am standing in front of a liquor store. The thought did cross my mind, “He should be here. You shouldn’t hurt like this. You shouldn’t wrestle with these thoughts and emotions and struggle w this pain. Go get something. Erase your brain. Drinnk enough to kill those thoughts. Just for a few hours” But that is as far as it went. The whole thought in half a second. Phone back in my pocket and headed up the sidewalk, but it scared me. I love the fact that it scares me. It means I am not allowing myself to be too comfortable. 9 Days later was my 6th Birthday.

If I can ever be of help or support, please let me know,


That is the definition of a Trap Game. After 2,619 days, I still focus on maintaining that level of vigilance.

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