March 2021 Yoga Accountability

I am trying to come back from being quite depressed, despondent, borderline suicidal. So, back in I go.

My back is pretty good, maybe because all I have been doing is living the slug life. I have to regain some focus.


I’ll look at it, Jene, and see if I can do most of the moves. :slight_smile: I like that it’s only 15 o 20 minutes since I haven’t really done yoga. I could definitely use the stretching part, I tend to neglect that.

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Hi! Do I go to that website for the yoga sessions? I havent been on this thread before, but a couple of weeks ago I started doing a little bit of yoga every day.

Thank you!!

She puts all the playlists on YouTube. Here’s March.

Weird. It only shows the one. However, you can go and find the March on YouTube YWA.

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Thank you so much!

Of course, you can pick any of her playlists. There are a ton. Some people don’t like her because she can be a bit chatty. :slight_smile:

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Great to see you back @EarnIt :crown::sparkles:

Glad to hear your back is feeling a bit better. Hope you can find some yoga healing for some of the other stuff this month :person_in_lotus_position::sparkling_heart:

I’m giving this a try:

Day 1 :heavy_check_mark: simple yoga flow. Moved through some of the stuff a little quick for me but will keep it going and see how the month unfolds.

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I just started Adrienes 30 day HOME challenge yesterday so I’ve timed that pretty well :grin:

I tried to start breath but I didnt really like it (or wasnt in the right frame of mind for it) then I got ill so I’ve had some time off from yoga.
I definitely felt the difference in my body so I’m glad to be starting something again :blush:

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Yes! I’m on day 4!

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Day 2 :heavy_check_mark: even simpler yoga flow. More my speed :laughing: Although I find the extended table top move quite challenging, now I’ve worked out what I think is the proper alignment.

Looking forward to seeing what the next videos are like, downward dog tomorrow which will be good. I have been feeling that my form for dd could be improved for a while although possibly mainly because my heels don’t touch the floor, which is probably more a muscle/ flexibility thing. Anyway, that’s tomorrow! Today was good.

I do miss Adriene a bit, she has been such a staple of my at home yoga practice and I really like her style. But that content is there to go back to any time.

I have a friend with hypermobility who does Pilates and she said she has to be a bit careful not to go to full capacity. I don’t really know if that’s helpful to you or not, but that’s all I have on the subject :see_no_evil:

Done with today. Feel like I’m going to need more yhough so will probably do and extra 40 minutes this evening.

Switched it up and did a really intense yoga flow this morning. Feeling so energized and so grateful (:smile:

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Did day 3 this morning. Downward dog. Good conditioning. Wasn’t expecting push ups! Preferred this to the flow videos on day 1 and 2.

Day 4 done.

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Did some yoga this morning, only some 15min but felt better. I have to work on a routine. My mind is constantly torpeding this.

I want to learn the move from bakasna to chaturanga. Looks easy but my slowly moving body is in the way and I fall like a stone. :grin:

Did some super intense inner fire core work this morning. I am feeling so much stronger and soon enough I’ll be able to do all the fun headstand and arm balance poses I used to do. I know yoga isnt about the poses but, feeling strong and super flexible is a definite plus.

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Day 6✔
Day 7✔