Meme wars 1...2...3.... Go


Omg… Nevermind! Still had :poop: on my mind from another thread. :rofl: Good stuff. :+1:


The poop thread? :joy:




Ah these crazy kids. Back in my day, it was all hand-shakes and high-fives, but these kids with their constant hugging and colon-smelling.







We are living in some strange times :joy:







Ha! Brings back a funny High School memory. We had these plastic chairs/desks so if you tried to sneak one off in class, you’d likely make some noise, and there was nothing to muffle the smell either. I’d had a big heaping meal of corn beef & cabbage for dinner, and was a bit on the gassy side. So I’m holding it, and having all kinds of abdominal sounds. The bell rings and everyone heads for the door. As soon as I hit the hallway, I’m letting off a string, and it was a long string. I stop at my locker, and there’s a group of girls (they always walk in a group) and they start hitting the cloud, and vocally reacting to the smell. I had to lean into my locker like I was trying to grab something, so they wouldn’t see me laughing.


:joy: Yes I’ve been there. Reading time and everything is quiet trying to hold it in and making all kinds of noises. I know they heard it :joy: Dang I wish I could go back