Metal Thread


really digging this band lately
reminds me of megadeth meets heavier thrash metal



This song made great sense to me the other day. May not be exactly metal but Maynard indeed… Seems to be our house anthem in my eyes tho.


Seeing these guys this Sunday along with, Rings of Saturn, Carnifex, Entheos and So this is Suffering.


Was at this show n helped sing a long



How about this guy, venom by ghostmane.


Antimacy by Dead And Divine, favorite band.


Jelous. I love killwhitneydead. Old friends of mine always wanted to start a sample heavy band. Found them and they used every sample we ever thought of.



I grew up in the Charlotte area n saw them n the demonstration pretty regularly at Tremont




i guess not really metal but i cannot stop listening to these guys!


Great band, I haven’t heard this song by them before, I like it


That guitar tone reminds of course for some reason. I like it


Not course, CKY


Not sure if this was shared (HUGE thread. Awesome!) but I enjoy this treasure because I’m a Voivod fan from way back and like that Grohl can kick some ass when he wants to.


Hopefully this worked lol
If not, Bring Me The Horizon - Don’t go


Throwback to one of my favorite songs of all time