Metal Thread


Fuck yeah Steve


Bought myself a PIT ticket to the Slayer tour with LOG, Testament, Anthrax, and Behemoth. Im beyond stoked. Little gift to myself lol


another banger


Damn I love me some testament! And who doesn’t love Slayer?! Jelly jelly. When’s the show?


May 25th, comming up!


Can almost taste the sweat now!


last time i saw lamb of god i got knocked out by an elbow to the jaw lol good times


I haven’t seen them in forever. When I did see them i recovering from a gunshot wound so I didn’t get to pit. My brother got his teeth put through his lip at a show, I wanna say it was LOG lol





LOL for some reason this meme always cracks me up


I’m going to see them in June. (´∇`) So excited!!!


Jealous! I haven’t been to a good show in ages. :pensive:

What happened to your picture man?


I’m gonna change it but idk to what yet haha


This made me lol this morning.


Just be for warned…there are some triggers in this song…



I just scrolled up and saw the metalocalypse meme! That show was amazing. I loved Dr. Rockso, but it’s not appropriate to post that here.


Lol yea one of my favorite shows


on a lamb of God kick lately


cool video if you like zach