Metal Thread


Progressive Metalcore, anyone?

Irreversible by Erra


Brand new beyond creation song dropped today what do u think



The anvil, cracks the hammer!


His harmonic voice is a little whiny but I digged that jam.


gotta add this on my spotify


Yeah, the clean vox remind me of Chiodos. Really high-pitched. But the groove is real.


:open_mouth: New Alice in Chains! :open_mouth:


Anybody heard this? Devil Driver recently released an album of all country covers – covered in metal. :metal: This one is a Johnny Cash song which actually features his son on backing vocals!


It’s really good especially copperhead road


Just tackled 2 Slayer shows. One in toronto and london ontario! Slayer , lamb of god , anthrax behemoth… Was amazing!!!


Color me green! I’m not much for Anthrax but the other 3 are some of my loves.

Slayer is a must for any metalhead.


Good morning.


Oh i agree… Its slayers last tour:( waiting for a slipknot concert next


Right? I was really surprised by that one because honestly I kinda hate that song. :laughing:



@staytech How have I never heard of this band before??? This is great! :metal:

Anybody like science with their metal?

Dyson Sphere by Allegaeon


It features the great Steve digeorgio from death on bass. Great album. Worth a listen.



People going straight edge has kept me going


Good morning all