Metal Thread


But then you probably get abundance of Danko Jones gigs, which are awesome :slight_smile:


True … saw Danko at a small venue in Vancouver a couple years ago :smiley: just showed up and played a set was cool


I’ve seen him couple of times at festivals here…he’s good friends with swedish band called backyard babies so they sometimes guest on each others gigs…last winter I was at an Babies gig and Danko boys were there too…


Sic would of been a good show


Do u listen to s lot of English music ?


some…depends a little…I listen to a lot of rock music…haven’t heard much good new music come out lately though


No we are stuck in the cycle of garbage music for a while😐


I don’t follow any music media anymore cause they have stopped making music for reasons unknown to me :wink:


I love Danko Jones. Solid rockers on every album. Met him once, he was super nice, and mentioned that he recognized me from my shirt. Slight “fanboy” reaction. Hahahaha.


Cool…everyone says he’s a nice dude…


I was thinking last night that once GnR get done touring this come back crap they should hit the studio to make an album…that might be a catalyst for some more rock music to come out…and while thinking of that I realized how sad that is :wink:


Ya I think that ship has sailed … was not even a big fan of Metallica’s last album and I’m a lifelong fan :frowning:


Have a aussie holiday and do the Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane concerts


I came here to post a couple aongs by Devin Townsend. Ive only just started learning about him a few days ago and Im glad I did. I havent heard this track but I think its cool someone else is posting his music too.

The ones I came to share are Deadhead and Kingdom. The vocals on both are incredible, but the vocals on deadhead in particular are what I keep coming back for.



Deadhead is probably my fave jam by Devin. I like every one of his DTB album’s probably heard them all like 40 times a piece.

Ziltoid the Omniscient is also great, single concept for a whole album. Devin did it all himself.





So far Deadhead us my top favorite. Ive been listening to it over and over and instead of getting tired of it i like it more and more. The whole thing and the vocal, way he screams “You are a sun goddess,”, i had to make it my notification ringtone so I could hear it even more.

I did try Ziltoid The Omniscient and didnt dig it right off the bat, so Im gonna try it again and give the whole album a chance, but I also listened to a little bit of Transcendence and that was amazing. As well as Love? And Detox from Strapping Young Lad. I have a lot more of his catalogue to go through, but i like what Ive heard and seen so far. This is the kind of music that changes a person in a good way