Metal Thread


This thread is amazing. I posted this a while back but no one seemed to care so I’ll put it here. Kublai khan featuring Vincent Bennett of the Acacia Strain


Hey @thebeard1986! Thanks man! Yea I wanted to make a specific place for us metal heads and the like to post. Music is so therapeutic (especially if it’s loud and aggressive hehe). Thanks for joining us! :metal:


Happy to be here @MissQuinn. Heavy music is definitely very therapeutic. I’m looking forward to discovering some new bands through this.


@ace1 oblivion was like my go to song when I first quit drinking and was bummed out.





I meant to post this the other day (celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary). I walked down the aisle to this at my wedding :blush::


The official song of anyone in recovery.


@thebeard1986 I listened to so much Hatebreed in the beginning. Like the whole album Rise of Brutality. So relevant.


@missquinn hatebreed has been my go to for the past seven years. I love how to the point Jamey is with his lyrics. I live in Rhode Island so I’m lucky enough to see them pretty much anytime they tour. You should check out Reign Supreme


@thebeard1986 Awesome song, awesome album. Blood Mountain is another great album. It was my go to album when working on the apartment.

They’re coming to the House of Blues in Boston in a couple of months with Eagles of Death Metal. I’m contemplating on going to this show.

I already bought tickets to see Iron Maiden and Ghost in July with my 11 year old at Great Woods / Xfinity Center. Kinda psyched to bring my kid to his first concert.


Just discovered this band. I’m pretty blown away at this girl’s vocal skills. :heart_eyes:


Seeing these guys tonight


How was the show @Steve92?


It was so sick @MissQuinn only dwnside was this guy spilt his beer down the back of my neck lol but I had a great time :smiley: my neck is so sore


Man I miss going to shows. I was supposed to go see GWAR in like October of 2015 but I was pregnant so obviously I didn’t want to take any chances! I haven’t been to anything in so long. :pensive:


Any Clutch fans here? Surprised to not see them mentioned. Here’s a song Neil Fallon contributed to a special project called “You got your orders”, each track is a singer getting the title only and they wrote what they wanted. He got “Instant Winner”, and it helps me in tough moments.


Old school stuff, but i love lamb of god. going to see them at Chicago Open Air this summer !!!


I literally was just listening to the Lamb of God Pandora station as I was cooking dinner. I have never seen them live but I Randy did jump on stage to sing alongside Jamey when Hatebreed was playing the GWARBQ. It was pretty sick. I’d love to see them live! Glad Randy isn’t trapped in the Czech Republic anymore!!!