Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Ah, just learned an interesting fact from Facebook, it’s usually not a reliable news source but I think we can trust this one…

On this day 33 years ago the founder of this thread graced the world with his presence…happy birthday Rob!! :birthday::balloon::tada::gift:


I think we can assume that one is true!:joy::rofl:


Oh hey!



A happy birthday from Wrestle Mania? Sweet!


Just ran across this… (edit: pic is annoying to view unless u download it, heres a link instead…)


Waow, that is something


Aug. 28th mind blowing random thought of the day: The shortest scientific paper ever published was “The Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of a Case of ‘Writer’s Block’” written by clinical psychologist Dennis Upper in 1974 in the ‘Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis.’ It contains zero words.


Aug. 29th mind blowing random thought of the day: Located in Denver, Colorado, Leprino Foods is the world’s largest maker of mozzarella cheese, supplying approx. 85% of the total pizza market, including Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Papa John’s, selling approx. 1 billion pounds of cheese per year. In addition, their dairy products are also used by Hot Pockets, Stouffer’s, Yoplait yogurt, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, and various brands of baby formula.


As Jim Gaffigan would say …Hot Pocketttts!:smiley:


Love that bit! Part frozen solid and other part magma.


Aug. 30th mind blowing random thought of the day: King Charles VI of France suffered from extreme glass delusion, which is a psychiatric phenomenon in which a person believes that he or she is made entirely of glass. As such, the king refused to let anyone physically touch him and wore reinforced clothing in order to protect himself from accidental “shattering.”



Hahaha! Totally :exploding_head:


Aug. 31st mind blowing random thought of the day: Singer Elvis Presley’s autopsy and toxicology reports are currently the property of the Presley estate and are sealed from public view until the year 2027, 50 years after his death.


Sept. 1st mind blowing random thought of the day: A day on Jupiter’s sixth closest moon Europa is 3.55 Earth days long. In addition, it takes Europa 3.55 Earth days to make 1 complete revolution around Jupiter. In other words, a day on Europa is the exact same length as its year.


Sept. 2nd mind blowing random thought of the day: In Pacific Grove, California, it is illegal to molest a monarch butterfly.


Probably a good thing to be illegal…? :thinking::joy:


Right? I can’t stand when someone continues to eat while they have food gunk in the corner of their mouths. It make me want to waterboard them!


Sept. 3rd mind blowing random thought of the day: Earthworms are simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning that they have both male and female reproductive organs. During sexual intercourse, both sets of sex organs are used by both worms.


Sept. 4th mind blowing random thought of the day: In 1885, physician John Snow discovered that the cause of the spread of Cholera in London, England was contaminated water, part of his evidence being that the 70 workers at the local brewery who only drank beer never contracted the disease and survived the outbreak.

Not a testimony to alcohol consumption…