Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Ive come close to drinking that much in 24 hours :wink:


Glad you survived it lol


The typical adult sweater is made from about half a mile to a mile of yarn. :coat:


Aug. 23rd mind blowing random thought of the day: The Cuban boa is the first reptile to have been observed practicing coordinated hunting, in which the species work together as a team in order to improve their odds of catching prey.


I’m watching the Simpsons right now and I believe Homer Simpson is the king of random thoughts. I am watching the episode where homer takes his family on a hatecation to Boston. Why a hatecation you say, “because things you like don’t fill you with delicious, delicious rage.” - Homer Simpson


Aug. 24th mind blowing random thought of the day: As a teenager, actor Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer, having performed several tricks with a lioness named Sheba.


Prior to WW1, many Germans emigrated to England. A lot of the young men found jobs as waiters.
When war broke out, these same young men returned to Germany, to join the fight.
During the battle of Ypres/Flanders, the English snipers would call out…“Waiter!”
They would pop out of their foxholes.


Paranoia is the secret to longevity and also to sobriety


There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand…


Oh. That’s a great one.

Not to sound click-baity, but this article has a great twist at the end.

Which is greater: The number of grains of sand on earth, or stars in the sky?


Aug. 25th mind blowing random thought of the day: To date, over 350 people have committed suicide on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


Aug. 26th mind blowing random thought of the day: “Groaking” is the act of watching others eat food hoping that they’ll offer you some.


I had no idea there was a word for it. What’s the word for watching other people eat and being completely disgusted, because that’s me! Lol


My dogs “groak” all the time.


Misophonia. I have it to a degree. Cant stand chewing gum, or people eating with mouths open.


Ugh. I hate when people eat with their mouths open. It makes me so mad.


:v:please wehn you eat keep mouths shut​:smiley:


Aug. 27th mind blowing random thought of the day: President Harry S Truman was the first person to be given a codename by the secret service: “General.”


Nothing specific? :grin::grin::grin:


At 350 lbs President Taft earned himself the nick name “tubs” posthumously and in turn the phrases “tubby” as well as “chubby” are used to describe fat people still today by supposedly getting himself stuck in the white house bathtub. It’s been discovered since then that the story was actually a lie based on the fact that he had foreseen the possibility and commissioned a company to build 3 of the largest bathtubs ever made for a single person at that time…they were 7 feet long by 41 inches wide and literally weighed a ton.