Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


What were star fruits called then?


Good question… maybe they found star fruits and were like, “oh dang, these look just like stars, we gave those blue berries the wrong name… hey, I know what we could call them…”


Sept. 19th mind blowing random thought of the day: The skull and crossbones flag at the top of a pirate ship is called a “Jolly Roger,” and although the origin of the name has been lost, one theory stems from the use of red flags. Centuries ago, a red flag was commonly used during naval warfare to signal that no mercy would be given, and anyone captured would be killed immediately. Called a ‘Joli Rogue’ by the French, it is suggested this was then translated into English as “Jolly Roger.” Another theory suggests, however, that Jolly Roger derived from “Old Roger,” a term used for the Devil.


Sept. 20th mind blowing random thought of the day: Whale milk has such a high percentage of fat content that it possess the same consistency as toothpaste, which prevents it from dissolving in water.


Sept. 21st mind blowing random thought of the day: During the filming of the boxing scene in ‘Rocky IV,’ actor Dolph Lundgren accidentally punched star Sylvester Stallone in the chest so hard that the pericardial sack around his heart swelled up and impeded its beating, causing his blood pressure to rise to 290. Stallone had to remain in intensive care at the hospital for 9 days while recovering.



Almost missed today. Was gone camping and then throwing a birthday party. Busy!

Sept. 22nd mind blowing random thought of the day: Only 1 in every 300 calico cats is male.


Sept. 23rd mind blowing random thought of the day: In 1968, the crew of the Apollo 7 spacecraft won a special Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television, Arts, and Sciences for their live transmission from space.


Wait… What? How do they survive?

Edit: Huh. The more you know.


Weirdly my 11 year old daughter told me recently that only 30% of people in the world can lick their own elbow. My son is one of them. :joy::joy::joy:


Sept. 24th mind blowing random thought of the day: Hawaii is the only U.S. state with a royal palace still used as an official residence by a reigning monarch.


Sept. 25th mind blowing random thought of the day: Pill bugs, commonly referred to as “roly polies,” are not insects, but are in fact crustaceans in the same family as shrimp and crayfish. They breath with gills and require moisture and humidity in order to survive.


Finkle is Einhorn!


Fun random fact: the skin on your elbow is called wenis.


Einhorn is Finkle!


Sept. 26th mind blowing random thought of the day: Although Taiwan operates as an independent nation, many countries, including the United States, do not officially recognize it as one.


Sept. 27th mind blowing random thought of the day: Ethiopia has 13 months in its calendar, with 12 months being 30 days each and the last month being only 5 days long in a regular year and 6 days long in a leap year.


Sept. 28th mind blowing random thought of the day: The Galapagos iguana is the only species of iguana that feeds underwater, being able to hold its breath for up to 30 minutes.


That would totally ruin the taste of a good bowl of chili! :thinking:


Cant say I’ve ever had iguana chili before.