Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


Brazil nuts (especially the ones grown in Brazil ) grow on trees with deep roots, which reach down to soil high in natural radium, a source of radiation . The roots absorb the radium, which then makes its way to the nuts . As a result, the radium levels of Brazil nuts can be 1000 times what you’d see in other foods.

Also, Brazil nuts are actually seeds and not nuts.


You are hysterical!

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This morning while boiling eggs one of of my dudes asked how the air came out of the eggs to make the tiny bubbles on the outside of the eggs. I told him it was the oxogen from the water but I’m wondering now if I was wrong?


Lol. Mysterious!



:joy: Yeah, but youd have to eat 10kg of eggplant to equal the equivalent of one cigarette. Plus youd metabolize the nicotine at such a rate that you’d not have any effects from it.

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The heart of a blue whale is so massive that a human being can swim through its arteries.


You are mostly correct. Air is less soluble in water as the temperature rises, so as you raise the temp when boiling it the dissolved air will start to be released. When releasing it is made easier if it has a nucleation point - something the eggshell provides as it is rougher than the pan you are boiling the water in. For this reason the released air bubbles form easier on the eggshell. For the other air you can often see released as a tiny stream of air bubbles that is air from the small air pocket inside the egg. This is released through tiny pores that cover the entire eggshell and allow the egg to effectively “breath”. An eggshell is really a semipermeable membrane that allows air and moisture to pass through it.


Well, more accurately, a human can fit in their arteries. I dont think you could comfortably swim in it. It would be more like spelunking in tight spaces.

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Apr. 20th mind blowing random thought of the day: A U.S. currency bill’s life expectancy is mostly determined by its value, and therefore handling through circulation. For example, a $1 bill will typically last for a little over 5 years, whereas a $100 bill will last for approx. 15 years. On average, coins take about 25 years before they eventually become too worn for use.


Kind of a sad commentary on the wealth of our country eh?

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A boat is a reverse bathtub.


Whaha…I guess you are right…splunking in soft material :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just decided to try and read Ulysses, so now I’ll be thinking of his wife. :sweat_smile:


Apr. 21st mind blowing random thought of the day: Early Christians were among the first group of people to be called “atheists,” done so by Ancient Romans because Christians didn’t believe in nor pay tribute to the pagan gods.


Ah, so I’m not strictly an atheist then?:joy:


I recommend reading “The Source” by James Michener. Another perspective. That is all.


So helpful!!!


Alexander G. Bell invented the talking baby doll…super creepy because of the recording technology at the time…wasn’t on the market for more than a few weeks.