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As a musician, music has been the cornerstone of my personal expression as well as an outlet for my emotions. Since I was a kid, I was fascinated with the recording process and spent many hours figuring out how to record with my parents tape deck and other lo-tech gear. Now, some 30 years later, sobriety has blessed me with the opportunity to expand my hobby, and technology.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing some very personal songs that I’ve written; each one with a unique story.

Pull up a chair, pop on your headphones and enjoy!

This first song is called “No longer Mine”.

The genre is folk/bluegrass.

I wrote this song shortly after getting sober. This is a breakup song, between myself and alcohol. I wanted to keep it ambiguous so the casual listener would assume its just a normal breakup song.

Oh, and a warning, I’m a terrible singer, so go easy, please!


Two things man.

Recording on LoFi cassette decks, oh shit that brought back memories of my childhood, some of my first recordings where on some shitty memorex tape. With a friend we thought we were gonna be the next Wayne’s world or something.
I remember reading somewhere how Sgt. Peppers was recorded on a 4 track and my 10 yr old brain thought that I could replicate it, this was pre internet era. I had no clue what a 4 track was.

2nd tho the forum is quite anonymous it takes alot of courage to post something where you may feel vulnerable, for everyone to hear. I commend you. I have a ton of recordings from when I was in treatment, still haven’t posted them yet. Still growing a set to do that

ETA it was pretty fucking awesome


Really awesome Dan!.. loved the music and lyrics especially “Every time we’re together we sing the same old song” soooo fitting. Really cool way to create a song about alcohol that anyone could relate to. Truly loved it.

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Outstanding Dan! Love it!

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You can be my today @Dejavu

Great work

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That was really great, Dan!

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sounds good buddy

doing a few jam sessions but my capo tunnel has come back lol


Haha puns!!!

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Wow it was really cool, enjoyed it a lot!

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So awesome you’re sharing this now dude! You’re an awesome songwriter!

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@fury I sometimes feel like George Mcfly with his sci-fi stories, too afraid to share because what if I am no good, what if no one likes them? I’ve debated this putting this out there for a long time. McFly ended up getting published in the end… so… there’s hope, maybe? :rofl:

@Lionfish Thank you Lea, that means a lot to me! This is one of the few songs that really wrote itself, it was floating in the nether and I guess you can say my HP used me as a conduit to channel it. It’s amazing when that happens. :slight_smile:

@ChicagoT Thanks buddy! Maybe one day I can open up for your sister’s band? :crossed_fingers:

@AyBee - You had me at fish smoothie! Thanks bud!

@anon79808082 Thank you Donna!! Glad you liked it!

@Ray_M_C_Laren - I’d be honored to jam with you! Take care of that capo tunnel! :laughing:

@Tomek - Thank you! I glad you enjoyed it!

@anon84416494 Oh you! I’m just learning from the best (you)


I liked it! Go our separate ways, no longer my today. Fits perfectly :ok_hand:


Awww shucks :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

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Great tune, no pressure but do you mind sharing the chords, I want to try to play it on my 'jo

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@Dejavu, I really really understand that! I even struggle with covers of songs cause I’m like what if?

Lol I love the reference though, little bit of back to the future

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Oh sweet, you Jam 'Jo? Awesome!

The verses are: G D G
Chorus: Em D C G / G D G
Bridge D C G / D C D / G


Thanks so much!
Yes I’m learning, can do a basic clawhammer

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So I recorded your song but cannit upload audio, so have no way to share it with you. Gahhhh

Create a soundcloud account the throw it up! I’d love to hear!

I wonder if you can upload it in Goat’s music thread?