My check in. Twice daily. Accountability

Still figuring oit the app amd navigation.

20hrs sobers.

Am Checking in. I


Hi and welcome here! :+1:
We have a daily check in sober if you like. You find it here:

Many of us check in there every day. If you have questions just ask!
Good luck on your sober journey.
You can do it!
Today is my 169 day sober, if I can so do you! :facepunch:




Im still figuring out the app

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Im trying to use the link above. Bit csnt figure out where to post… Hence the reason for creating my own entry. I can’t even figure where to male a new post here

To post on a thread you click on the reply button :slight_smile:


Day 3. Chekin 1.

Feeling good.
Better than yesterday


The irritation just kicked in.

Something small just pushed me over the edge.

I need to maintain focus.

Take 5 min.

Be friendly to a stranger

Thid has helped in the past


End of the day.

Took a long and hard cycle around the cbd.

Adrenaline pumped.

Tired now.


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Morning check in. Feeling better than yesterday. Th weekend is coming in. Im a bit nervous. Ive made plans with oth good people. Cant drop thenm

Checking in #2
Im responsible for my actions. Making good decisions leads to less responsibility?


Late of the block. Forst check in today. Itps Friday. I’ve made arrangements with palls this weekend. Can’t drop them. Cant disappoint myself.

Just for today.

I think i skipped a check in. Last night.

Went to bed at quater to ten

Woke up fresh

Got a lot done

Went for with a pal. Didn’t flake.

En route to two mkre appointments.
Dont flake. Say no. It makes you strong


Both these things I’ve been working on with my sobriety. I used to always flake, years ago, until I just stopped making plans or maybe people stopped making plans with me. Now, I say no when I’m uneasy about it instead of feeling guilted into doing something or if I said I would do something, I do it!

A small caveat to this, now if I have to cancel if I’m sick, I’m actually sick lol not hungover. This has been a little hard to figure out as well with sobriety.

Awesome progress btw :blush:


Yes. Accountability.

It was nkce to show face for a change rather than sending some “sorry msg” becuase im high or im coming down to hard.

Today presented challenges. Especially tonight. A bday party. But Instead of being constantly in line for the bathroom i was actually being social. Which felt normal. And normal is what we’re aiming for.

En route home

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Said no

Accepted an invite to a bday. I knew there would drugs. In some or other form. Soomer than later it came my way. I declined. It felt good. Nkw two hours later the “what if” and “maybe” thoughts popped up.

Play the movie through. It never ends well. So. Sometimes it doesn’t end…

It flt good being social. And not stuck in a bathroom cubicle


Spent the day lounging.

Good for body.

Not good for mind.

Checking in. Staying sober. 1 week clean approaching

First check in today.

7 days. No drugs.

I feel lethargic today.

Despondent in a way.

Hope everyone had a good weekend

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One week. Proud of you buddy :smile:

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Feeling good. Checkin in. Hope all are winnings


So my ten days clean are coming up. Nervous. In past attempts to get clean, the ten day mark was seldom reached or i toppled soon after.

Stay focused. Stay on track. You have a gold medal in abuse. Time to get the gold for bbeing clean. Decisions that improve you not ruin you.

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