Neighborhood Coffeehouse Gos-Sipping

Ordered a macchiato…got this lovely shot with a palette cleaner :thinking:



I recently saw a cold brew Keurig commercial that said, you dont have to be a wizard to make cold brew :wink: lol, well its been kind of a science experiment. At first I used a cold brew system like this…

But then I got tired of dealing with it because its only a half gallon.

So I bought this system…

In action…

I really like this! The coffee sock is an excellent filter, well worth the money, same goes for the gallon jugs.

As far as brewing time, 24hours plus. Ours rarely goes over 48, with the system we go through 1 every other day :crazy_face::grimacing::flushed: and I never cut it 🫸 I like it to be rocket :rocket: fuel :fuelpump: :sunglasses:

As far as coffee brand, style, I have grown fond of using Starbucks Blonde Espresso whole bean fresh ground. Nothing else has the flavor I like. I tried some Starbucks Pumpkin Spice :jack_o_lantern: ground beans recently, It was horrible :face_vomiting:

I only like to use oatmilk creamer. My favorite is Planet Oat Caramel non-dairy creamer. I do like the Starbucks almond milk/oat milk Pumpkin Spice Latte non-dairy creamer :yum: also.

@Scorpn What do you like to use for creamer, syrup or other add-ins?