New here, wanted to share

Hi guys. I’m new here and seen it was an option to share your story so I’d thought I’d share. Please no judgment, thank you in advance. I’ve struggled with alcoholism for the past year since being in and getting out of a toxic relationship. I struggle with mental health issues and when I drink I act on impulses which is dangerous for me. One of the last times I drank and acted on an impulse I nearly took my own life. I need to get under control and do what’s best for myself at this point which is to get sober. I’ve tried cutting down but it doesnt work as I dont have self control when it comes to drinking. The other week I was admitted to the hospital, my blood alcohol level was 4x over the limit and I tried taking my life by taking all my medication out of feeling really low and being impulsive. During the time of being at the hospital I didnt have any alcohol for a week and a half but I binged the other week and am coming up to 3 days of being sober. I’ve tried many times the last couple months to get sober but failed. This time feels different as I have support from professionals… but I’ve had support from professionals before for other reasons and it didnt help so I dont know I hope this time will be different and I really want it to be. I have my first counseling session tomorrow for my alcohol addiction. I want to do better for me, my future. I’m 19 and still have have so much life ahead of me and this isnt it. I’m struggling to feel okay and I dont know it’s really hard. My family who I live with drinks every night and that’s hard for me too , seeing them and wishing I could join in for a few drinks but I cant just have a few drinks I loose control and then make bad decisions. I dont know I kinda ramble on so I’m sorry. I hope I can get through this and become sober. I want to. It’s just hard.


Welcome Daisy. We’re glad you’re here. I hope you can find the help you need with some professionals. And maybe some meetings. And coming on here checking in. Here are a couple of threads I like.

I start every day here doing my gratitude list. Right on the app. It’s a great way to lay a good foundation for the day. I bet you got a lot more to be grateful for when your sober. I know I do.

Have a good read around here. This place has been a great place for me to get support in my sobriety. Addiction is too tough to go it alone. We are stronger in numbers. And we are all worth it.

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Hi Daisy, welcome. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so glad that you found this place. Here there are so many lovely people who are navigating their own way through the journey of sobriety. The knowledge and support that you are guaranteed here is limitless. I’m so glad that you have accepted that you have a problem with alcohol, this for me was a hard step to take but the best step I took. You have so much of you life to live, I wish I had made the decision to be sober at your age. Stick around and read lots. Use this forum as one of your sobriety tools. Come here when you need to fill the time, come here to get stuff off our chest and out of your head. Come here for a natter or if you fancy a giggle check out the memes. It’s all here. I come here everyday. And I always check in before bed just to see how everyone is doing. It’s lovely to meet you, I look forward to seeing you around :pray:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Hi Daisy. Thanks for sharing your story. I can sympathize with you as I’ve had to distance myself from family. I don’t live with them but any time we met up, alcohol was always involved.

Zoom meetings or finding another activity in the evenings when they are drinking may help. And they’ll always be plenty of people in here to occupy your time in the evenings :muscle:

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