New to this, any help/advice is greatly appreciated

Need some help to make that first step into being sober.


Welcome Matt.
Almost 2 years ago I found a nice home here.

Have a good read around. This place has been a great place for me to get support in my sobriety. Addiction is too tough to go it alone. We are stronger in numbers. And we are all worth it.


Here are two good threads to start:


Oh. And don’t drink today. One day at a time. Or maybe just don’t drink this hour. Don’t pick up that first one. When I pick up that first one I’m fucked.


Thanks!! I really appreciate it. I know all to well how 1 leads into many more! I’m gonna check those links out. Thanks again


Hi @Mattj0813 , welcome!! Just take it nice and steady. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and rest when you can. I always made sure I had nice food in and some sweet treats as there is a ton of sugar in booze and it helped with the cravings. Keep busy is also a good tip. The first few days are hard but stick on here with us. Read and post. The meme threads are a good way to keep occupied… I’m so glad you are here with us, you are amongst people that totally get what you are doing. :pray:t2::two_hearts:


Thank you. It’s tough staying busy. I drink cause I’m depressed, and I’m depressed cause I drink. It’s a vicious cycle! Just getting out of bed sometimes takes a lot of effort. This is the first time I made a move and asked for help, I need it! Thanks for the advice, I’m sure there’s plenty of people here that will show support

I’m sorry that you’re feeling depressed, I think you are great taking this stand against alcohol and deciding enough is enough! I too was depressed in the beginning of my journey. I was on tablets to help with the depression which weren’t working properly because of the drinking that I was’re right… It is totally a vicious cycle!!… I felt so low but knew that I had to stop poisoning myself with booze every night. It is scary at first as we come to rely on the drinking but within the next ten days your body will start to repair after the booze is out of your system. And you will start to feel a lot better. This place is fantastic! I started my journey 3 years ago and after a relapse early on I have not had a drink for the last 810+ days! This place is my only support tool. I come here every day, it really works knowing that we are not alone. Together we are stronger! It’s lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing you around :pray:t2::two_hearts:

Wow that’s awesome. 3 yrs!!! I can’t remember the last time I was sober for 3 weeks. Shits just rough and I know it will get better over time. I definitely think having a place like this will help!! Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. Keep going, and turn it into 4 yrs. I’m sure I’ll talk to ya again at some point! Thank you

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Welcome Matt! You’ve already found my secret weapon to staying sober, this awesome community. Lots of amazing people who support my sobriety, tips and resources and I highly recommend utilizing the journal. Without the booze you’re gonna feel ALL the feelings. Writing them down helps to process them. I look forward to following your progress on here :purple_heart:

Hey thanks a lot! Just having you guys take a minuet to write a few sentences to help me out really makes this starting process fell a little better! I know I can do it. It was just kicking myself in the ass to actually do something abt it this time!! Thank you!!

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