Nicotine is my hardest addiction

I literally just gave my boyfriend all my money. It’s the only way I’ve ever quit in the past. I need a full rehab facility to do this but they all let you smoke. Blasted! First 5 minutes, threw the vape away, out of reach. No nicotine in my home at all. Decision is final. Each check until I’m trustworthy again, boyfriend gets my money.


Welcome back! :wave: Nicotine is a beast. Fortunately, you and your mission are bigger beasts. The battle continues!


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For anyone quitting nicotine… you got this! I quit nearly 3 years ago. One week after I quit drinking. It was hard but it is worth it. I’ve quit smoking 5 times. It is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever quit. Here to just give you some love and support. You will crush it! Keep it up!


Nicotine is considered by the medical experts as being more addictive than Heroin. I quit all Nicotine in 1995. I am so glad I did. It wasn’t easy, and I relapsed many times before I stopped completely in 1995. I felt like I was a fraud going to my AA and CA meetings and saying I was in recovery when I was still a Nicotine addict. The fact is that if you are still using Nicotine, you are an active drug addict, plain and simple.

Glad you are getting off that Merry Go Round of Nicotine addiction. You will feel better about yourself, your self esteem will feel more positive and you will feel truly healthy for this choice. Vaping is worse than smoking cigarettes in terms of junk into your lungs and your body. It is like what Crack is to Cocaine use.

Best wishes to you for your recovery. I used the 12 Step Program to stop for good. You may want to give that a test drive, see if it helps you stay happy, joyful and free as it has for me.


I read the Alan carr Easy way book and it was amazing I stopped easy this time because of it x


Nicotine was very challenging for me as well. It took about 2+ years of non stop quit and relapse to break the cycle. I found support in a community online forum like this one. Took up running, which I did when craving or just walks. Lived on sugar free spearmint Life Savers. Keep quitting!! It will stick!!!


I threw countless cigarettes and packs of cigarettes away over the years. I remember going through my car and my house to find every cigarette lighter to throw them all away and uncovering 50+ once.
Every time I wanted to quit I threw everything away only for the cravings to become too strong for me to resist so I would scrounge around an old cigarette ashtray for a stamped out butt, then buy a pack of cigarettes later that day. I would then try to only have 2 Or 3 a day. It made things worse and I’d drink and smoke an entire pack in a night. I didn’t realise it but my entire life was revolving around smoking.

I have quit smoking for 5 years now. I listened to Alan Carrs easy way to quit smoking over the course of 2 days during a long drive. Changed my life. I reckon I’d be in hospital or dead if I had of kept smoking. I think you can quit nicotine too! But don’t be afraid to try something new. Cold turkey, without any support is very hard. Support doesnt have to be a nicotine patch or something else, it can be a book, or a councillor or even us to start! Congrats on taking the first step.


I recommend Alan Carrs “Easy way to stop smoking” it took me many attempts to quit, but it was that book that finally did it


I definitely did this as well and poured water on them, yet still dug thru that trash sometimes! :woman_shrugging:

Alan Carr’s Easy Way was helpful for me as well.