No More Added Sugar

Okay all. My 30 days is up. I posted my reward treat in the foodies thread so I wouldn’t derail anyone here.
In my 30 days of no sugar I gained 5-7 pounds. I am truly unsure why or how this would happen but it did. After putting down alcohol 700+ days ago I put zero restrictions on my sugar intake. If I saw a treat, I ate a treat. Around October I started thinking I was taking in too much sugar so I gave myself a 30 day reset.
My takeaways were that I didn’t really miss it or crave much sugar. It isn’t a binge substance for me (hello salty chips) but I will be happy to add back in a kombucha and a few squares of dark chocolate every once in a while.
I think my weight gain came from a lack of balance. Maybe I ate more protein or maybe that weight gain was all from eating so much fruit. Either way, I’m happy I completed my challenge and I’m grateful for the space I was given here to talk it out. Thanks all. Keep fighting for what you want. 🩷


That reminds me @TrustyBird
I got more than a week back.


Yeah! Well done. All the sweetness you need is already in that photo. :blush:


I reset yesterday.


I reset today and just wanted to be accountable. My goal is to find balance. For me, it’s not realistic to think I’ll never have sugar again and I have no interest in beating myself up if I have it. But I do have a goal in mind of none for the rest of February to assist in helping me to reprogram myself for occasional consumption vs all the time. My son’s birthday was today and my birthday is a month from today so I figured it would be a good goal to go with no sugar between them. My new gut rebalancing protocol will be started and the supplements say to not consume sugar with them. Healthier habits with balance is my ultimate goal. :heart:


Hey :wave:t2:
Just found that thread as I was looking for support to cut down sugar. Or binging dessert.

I was wondering what was your goal/rules into this abstinence or sugar reduction ? I mean, there’s sugar almost everywhere. It’s hard to go full abstinence like alcohol.

Personally I need to stop eating dessert/high palatable food, because i realize I have the same relationship with those than I had with alcohol - and it makes me feel like shit and shameful almost every time I binge/overeat. Plus, I realize when I do eat too much, it’s sort of re-active my wants for anything to numb myself… like it activate the same neurological pathways my drinking years made into my brain.

Anyways, every time I set a goal around this if find myself changing idea after a couple of days (like when I was trying to “moderate” my drinking).

So I’m looking for ideas on how to set some realistic goal regarding sugar reduction/abstinence. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot I’ll try to catch up on that long thread to find some answers.
Have a good day y’all! :wave:t2:



I guess everyone is different. I started the thread but no rules anything goes to help keep us accountable.

You sound like me at the beginning of this. After a year and a half sobriety eating anything I wanted it was time to hang up the cookies and gelato and all other forms of dessert especially at night. Specifically after dinner in the evenings.
No more cheesecake or carrot cakes either.

I don’t worry about foods I eat that might have sugar in them. Gosh. Everything seems to have sugar in it. Basically for me it was the deserts. I do look on labels for no added sugar like for a smoothie or other what I think might be a healthy snack.

And @MandiH i had cake for my birthday. Not my grandson’s cupcakes though. I held out for something really good if I’m going to break my streak. I reset once in January. But the way I’m doing it I’m pretty good to go until I go out of the country. In April. Those are the times I reset. I’m not splurging or binging. But if I’m in Italy not drinking. I’m having a gelato. Maybe 2.


Thanks ! I like the smoothness of your intention about that. I am too looking to cut desert the most, and most precisely after dinner. Because I do binge at night without being hungry. I think I’ll start with that!
Because of course, if I’m Italy and I’m not drinking, I’m having a gelato everyday :joy:

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I love it! And, I appreciate the fact the counter does make me think twice about consuming it. Balance is my goal. But not a daily or even weekly consumption of it. My body functions best with very minimal intake of it. Your trip sounds amazing! And, a gelato or two is a MUCH better alternative. Proud of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Eating sugar like a mofo, and I dont want to stop.

le sigh

I’ll be back someday. :wave:


Missed my 1 month

I’ve gone back to having the sugar free Russell Stovers and I’m proud of myself for just having 2 a night. They are the very little ones. Wife has them in the house and I thought I try them again. If I start binging on them then I stop. But I’m pretty impressed I’ve just been sticking to 2 of them a night.

Where’d everybody else go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, so I have been really sick in this department and its causing me a lot of health issues. My joints are so inflammed, so inflammed they are squishy. Wtf… And my tendons are killing me in my wrists from working so much, but I know it has more to do with the amount of sugar I have been eating. Eating isnt the right word… I am back in survivial mode, as if I were in active drug addiction. Sugar keeps me alive and that’s about all that is happening. It is triggering my eating disorder big time and I have become fearful of food again. Fearful of the weight gain that will happen when i stop eating sugar, etc. I caught myself shopping for unhealthy items, and I stopped seeing my dietician months ago. Anyways…I keep getting rid of all the shit in the house and then caving when i am out and buying candy or having a hot chocolate. I need to apply the priciples of my program to this, I have the skills to do it I am just mot sure I have the desire even though I know it is causing me grief. We all know what that is like. Grateful its sugar and not dope. Grateful for the reminder of how powerless I am over addiction. :pray:


Phew I made it…not sure how. At one point today I was perusing through a candy store, saved by a phone call from my kiddo. :pray:


56 hours. :heart:


Stay out of the candy stores will ya!?!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cunning, baffling and powerful.


Ya we know that.
Sounds like an excuse.


Lol, it was a greeting card store too.