Nuggets I find i.e. gratitude

Today I am grateful for
My life
My tranquility
My daughter
My love for others and almost myself.
My new found relationship with god.

I heard in a meeting a few weeks ago about writing a gratitude list every morning.
5 things you’re grateful for.
I just saw it in my notes and just wanted to share a little nugget I took from a random human in a random room. I am grateful for the nuggets I find


You should check out the gratitude thread.
Daily Gratitude List


Today I’m grateful to have my sons home. I’m grateful for maintaining my boundaries and being gentle with my thoughts. I’m grateful for the quiet morning and the sunshine in the evening. I’m grateful for the new book that arrived today. I’m grateful for continuing to move forward. I’m grateful for my sobriety. I’m grateful for my sister. I’m grateful for my bed and another nights rest. I’m grateful for peace in my life and the challenges I get to face. I’m grateful for new opportunities and keeping an open mind. I’m grateful for health of my family. I’m grateful to be here.


My sponsor asked me to right 10 things I’m greatful for each day and it’s a lovely way to remind myself of all my blessings .

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