One minute at a time

I have been struggling the last few weeks. 5/27/21 I walked out of treatment and my life has changed. I’m thankful everyday. I feel like the pink cloud has lifted and this is where I struggle. When life is good. When I think I am in control. I’ve never been able to open up in NA meetings. I always feel weird. I need to open up and allow others to help me.


Great job on all that clean time Susan. When I realized my life was unmanageable it was very easy for me to share at meetings. I wish I had never waited so long to go to meetings and open up. It was always harder for me when I thought I was in control. But I’m realizing I’m not in control of shit.
Just not picking up that first drink. That I must have control over.

I find it very easy to open up and share on the gratitude thread here. They are my feelings and it helps me to share them. I think I saw you on there once a long time ago. If you’re willing, come on over and check us out again. Friendly bunch.

I hope to see you around.


Congratulations on 5 months! I fully get that opening up FTF is really hard. I can’t even make myself walk into a meeting yet. Here in this group I find it easy to talk and open up. I’m hoping in time it’ll help me be able to walk in and share FTF. Baby steps. Maybe sharing more here will help you too. Keep fighting for the sober life you deserve.