One word on how you feel today


Miasmic. Paying for them eggs and tapatio earlier today lol.

Genial. When I don’t compare myself to others, be as selfless as I can, I’m much more relaxed, happy and easier to be around for others and myself.



Today is my father’s birthday. I lost him 21 years ago to this addiction. I lost my aunt to it a few years later. No matter how many years go by, I can’t help but miss him as the tears flow. My dad was always larger than life, he had a personality that couldn’t be contained and a smile with a boisterous laugh that lit up a room. When you saw that twinkle in his eye, you always wondered what mischief he was getting into next. Of course, being 6’3" and weighing in around 400lbs, he was a big biker dude you didn’t miss but he was certainly loved and adored as the big soft baby he really was. Even after all these years, there are SO many stories still shared about him, he was certainly a man NO ONE that met him forgot. I just miss him. Every single day I miss him, but especially today. I know he’s with me but it’s not quite the same. Love you dad, happy birthday! Thank you for motivating me to do this. There will be no skols today for the first time ever but I know you know why and understand. You’ll never ever be forgotten and I know you’ll always have my back. :heart:


Feeling Paranoid




Relaxed! Nothing like a good night’s rest but the only issue now is I’m really not wanting to get out of bed! Happy Memorial Day to everyone, hope you’re spending it with people you love and enjoy!!!


Emotional with today being my one year I am so overly proud of my hubby and I for making it this far. I never really thought we could do it. But here we are.
I will be working with my mom today who is 10 years sober this year and she is a huge cry baby so I know its going to be a day of crying. Lol


Optimistic and anxious.

I’m in the beginning process of getting approved for a home loan. I’m excited and nervous. I’m a Capricorn through and through so everything has to be planned out. Probably (one reason) why I would drink so often, to relax and just go with the flow. Which obviously always backfired.

Now I’m embracing my intense planning & rigid structure and trying to get the most out of what I’m capable of. My kids of course have taught me patience and to take things as they come over the years. But being prepared is nice too lol


Structure is good. A strong skeleton upon which to build mental muscle and emotional sinew. Top it with a sharp, strong, sober mind, and there will be little you cannot accomplish. Every day, get up and get after it!




Flexible. Both in body and mind. Been doing some stretching and it’s really helpful to my old man back lol. Flexible of mind, not being so fixated on one way only. So many variables in life, like the old adage goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”


What wonderful words, thank you. Also, saw something round and unusual on the floor and went over to check it out and was surprised to see this… Instantly reminded me of you, which is pretty impressive for such a well known character… Thanks again for all your wise words.


It’s a sign from God, or George Lucas!


Or that I need to clean :joy: either way I feel it was serendipitous


Awesome! Found a brand new Vizio 40" tv at work and it works perfectly! So I’m going to watch the Bourne identity


Sick in tired of being sick and tired.


Succinct. Trying anyways haha. Usually verbose. People at work keep asking what I’m doing, I try to keep it simple stupid. Eat keto, walk/regular exercise, no boozin.


Uncertain :disappointed_relieved:


A bit snippy but I’ll get over it


Loved. My Gramma is the best to hang out with and just talk to! Tonight’s conversations were about sex before marriage (she actually referred to it as test driving lmao), how to buy headbands, tagging photos on Facebook, what clothes she should wear to a barbeque, how to get a stain out of a sweatshirt (really, a 91 year old smart ass woman doesn’t know how to get a stain out???) And about 15 other things I can’t think of right now. If i do later, ill edit this lol. And the best part is?? This was all on a list to talk about with me! Lmao. So love that woman!


I was the biggest asshole for a solid 2 weeks when i quit smoking. Im surprised i never got fired from my job.
Next to quitting drinking, it was one of the best things i ever did. No longer controlled by those things. Been 12 years, but I’ll have an occasional cigar when a coworker gives me a nice one.