One word on how you feel today


Congrats on your first week! And don’t feel bad, replied have to be at least 10 characters long to post so it’s almost impossible to put just one word lol


Reading back looks like you felt sad yesterday. Glad you’re feeling great today. Nice to feel great without being wasted, just great with a clear head :grin:




For the first time in my life I actually feel loved. Before it just felt like habits when people said they love me but now I can actually feel the love of another person.
Its true what they say…
You can’t be loved until you love yourself.
I am loving myself more and more each day.
Everyday I notice something new about myself that is amazing.


Oh goodness now I’m kinda starting to sound like @Englishd :joy:


And why are we scared today? I’m sure someone here can help!


Hey! That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I struggle with going overboard but you should feel good about yourself. You should love yourself. You should have high self esteem. You’re sober damnit and that means a lot.

Love you @Jessi.lynn !!


Scared of all the changes in my life and whether I’ll really pull off sobriety this time. I’m already telling myself my 2 favorite lies, which contradict each other. 1. You really don’t have a problem. 2. This is just who you are, you’re never going to be able to quit, so just deal with it.


Well in that case I’d say it’s good you are scared. Use that emotion to push you forward and help yourself. I think we can agree that number 1 is a lie. I know it is for me. Number 2, well that’s who I am for sure, but I’ve been quit for almost a year. I fight a battle against it everyday, but I’m definately winning.

Use whatever you have at your disposal. Fear is a big one I embrace and overcome. Emotions are a new thing everyday it seems, but we were made to have them. Sometimes I hate that and it spurs on my fears. Humans emote. We are human.

Just remember that there’s a ton of us going through this and we are all here for each other. I hope you can beat this day and feel less scared tomorrow. You are strong and wonderful! Don’t ever forget it!


Overwhelmed and tempted. Just opened and then closed the cupboard with my husband’s open bottle of red in it. I will not have a drink! Got to experience these emotions and deal with them sober.


Ambulatory. All this walking is great for clearing up the headspace and getting centered. Humble and gracious of this sober life, I can foresake nothing.


content! :relaxed:


Thank you so much. This day is throwing curve balls left and right. I can’t wait for it to be over.


You’ve got this! Walk, write, yell, scream. Whatever it takes!!


Dragging …


Flipping tired…

Dumb ass ginger cat was running around like a deranged muppet on speed* last night

*full dusclosure, I don’t actually know what a muppet, deranged or otherwise would do during the night on speed. I’m not even sure what speed is… But… I’m sure that’s what the fluffy nuisance was on… That or catnip… Which is probably speed for cats.


Thank you. Managed to leave the wine alone and about to go to sleep. An early night will help I think.


Feeling great :+1:t3:


Hopeless I guess but made it through another day :pray:



… In ten letters