One word on how you feel today


Yes I understand… keep the faith my brother.


I disliked all the AA euphemisms at first, thought they were rubbish and goodue goodie ideals but as time passes they make more and more sense. They’re incredibly simple and right on the money.




Yes im having one today it’s bad so uncomfortable and stuffing my face it sucks


I love you! We will make it through ALL life has to throw at you together!


Same pal, hugs!


I lovers you! Thank you for being my sanity tonight. :heart: I think I’m just saying fuck this day and going to bed.


Eat first!! See you for coffee in the am!


Feeling brain overload😜




Forgotten :confused:
Since weeks no friend of mine asked me if I wanna hang out with them. Everybody is busy with their own stuff. I’m home alone every fucking day and I don’t know how to make new friendships :cry:


Awww, I hope your skin heals fast :kissing_heart:


Have you tried meetings? Maybe not for you, I get that but they do things that a sober and fun and they are very inclusive. In my experience they like new folks, adds more seasoning to the stew.


Not yet bc they are rare here in ny area (once a month but better than nothing). Thanks for reminding me, I’ll give it a try :heart:


Facebook is another option. They have sober groups who have get togethers. People who care about sobriety are generally very gracious, no need to be nervous or have fear, we’re all in it together. Good sobriety is a team effort because not everyone gets it.

Keep trudging your road to happy destiny and take the time to enjoy the scenery because that’s where the beauty is, it’s in the journey/life and not the destination/vanishing point.


Ah, good idea! I did notnot check Facebook yet…I deletet all my Facebook when I got sober.


Forgotten is exactly how I feel now. Since February 23 I’ve had four close friends just walk out of my life. I’m not supposed to miss them, because they’re still drinking or using. Still, I’m lonely. Meetings are fine, but I spend the rest of the day alone. :cry:


P.S. Congratulations on deleting Facebook! I’m going to once I find another way to stay in touch with people I actually know. :roll_eyes:


“Enlightened” - have been through the doors of AA numerous times over the past +16yrs but today it was shared at a meeting more than once that “on my own I could stop but couldn’t stay stopoed” not without the support, friendship , and acceptance of those in the rooms of AA". It might sound weird but I feel like my higher power has spoken to me today… i need AA and all those in it to keep me in recovery… I need and want to keep coming back and that’s the first time I’ve accepted and am at peace wirh that. I don’t think I’m weird in admitting tthat but am I?


Not weird at all. I’ve said it many times that quitting is the easy part, staying stopped is the hard part. I’m glad you had an epiphany so to speak, use the rooms as much as you can, you’re definitely not the only one who’s had that aha moment.

Keep trudging your road to happy destiny