One word on how you feel today


Happily blessed.

Today is the wife and I’s 10 year anniversary of being a couple, and our 4 year wedding anniversary.

Through thick and thin doesn’t do it justice. She was always my lighthouse, guiding me to port when the seas were tumultuous.


Proud. 60 days down, and a lifetime to go. But putting in the work is so worth it. I have gained more perspective in the past 60 days than I have in the last 10 years. Every one of us is worth fighting for. So get in there, dig deep, and fight like hell because you are worth it :facepunch:t2:


Have a horrible migraine AGAIN had this a couple of weeks ago too, anyone else get on and off migraine since getting sober?


Wouldn’t call mine a migraine… just a dull headache that comes and goes alllll day long. It pulls my attention in and out and is exhausting. Going to try the turmeric powder @Yoda-Stevie recommended- ordered some off Amazon yesterday. I’ve also upped my caffeine lately and this could be the major contributing factor, so I’m backing off once again. We shall see! I’ll keep you posted.


That would be great, I do drink coffee but until recently I was having a lot of energy drinks too, I’ve since cut them out


Im feeling hurt


Congrats dude…you’re definitely doing something right :slight_smile:


Today, it’s a mix.

Melancholy, since starting to deal with the relationship ending and all that.
Stoked for finding 255 pounds of olympic plates with a 45 pound olympic bar for $50 yesterday!
Excited to possibly be buying yet another guitar.


My one word would be Sublime. Besides, I just like all that it suggests for me in recovery. Being as, like Bruce Lee stated “Be like water.”. No friction, no disturbances, fluidity allowing me to form with life, and life with me. Not butching pissing moaning complaining and ranting against all the grave injustices life keeps dealing out lol.



I’m part of my own life today. I can tend to my own problems, get tasks handled that need doing.


Maybe it’s from hubby’s music? :grin: (kidding)


I don’t want to like this cause you’re melancholy and I’m out of likes again.


It’s alllllll good. Never fun when relationships end, and I’m finally taking the time to let it heal and all that. I’m sure listening to all these country love songs is helping. Hahahaha.

Can say the like would’ve been for the new guitar, because it’s a very pretty finish, and is going to be a good addition to the collection.


Everyday I am more and more grateful and proud of being a member of AA. The fellowship has given me such help in recovery and teaching me how to live a better life. It’s so true what you hear. Youll get what you give. Went to a meeting at Noon today on my day off. But if I dont attend meetings, I’ll be off every day physically, mentally and spiritually. Support from AA, my sponsor, my therapist and this App have been a blessing to me. Thank you.


:joy: :joy: You wouldn’t be wrong there, our taste in music is completely opposite ends of the spectrum :grin:


Blessed (almost a year sober)




Defeated by the weather, normally go swimming as a family on Sunday, however storm callum is not finished yet and absolutely pouring it down with torrential rain, so we can’t walk it like we normally would, and we can’t take the car as the rugby is on in the stadium which is only about 50 metres from my front door and I won’t be able to get the car out grr




I woke up this morning with sobriety which brought me peace, joy, and no guilt or shame. I am grateful for this feeling as I hold a strong grip onto this blessing one day at a time forever.:innocent: