One word on how you feel today




why do they do that? Do they think it’s a snake or something?


Hell if I know but I find it extremely funny


I find this animal cruelty that you enjoy to be a bit ted bundyish :wink:


Blessed. For my sobriety and my daughter


Haha…my dog would be the one carrying it off. Kills me how the cats can make themselves airborne.


Motivated :facepunch:


Anyone ever figure out why they are so freaked out by cucumbers? My cat is really old so I’d never try this on her, but my evil side wants to sooo bad! :rofl::rofl::smiling_imp:


I was in tears laughing :joy:


No idea… but cats are assholes and they get everything that comes to them :joy::rofl:

And so you know, I love cats, I relate to them


Feeling well.

Hoping today is a preview of what’s to come on the good/great days :heart_eyes: Even though I just got off a three day work stretch and feel a little tired - I feel both mentally and physically well. Going to relish in this moment.


Reflective and calm


Sober :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Most definitely am :slight_smile:


Im feeling Focused!


I feel a sense of resolve


My friend I have found the longer I am sober the better it gets.

I am 62 well almost 63 have enjoyed sobriety for 28 years. Now 50 days clean on my gambling addiction. I was on top of the world. That is in “Down Under Australia”

How good is it going to be now…I say bonza…you little beauty…good on ya mate…Well you may not get that if you are not Audi.

But I say it is going to be great. …gr8…


Should have read.

You may not get that if you are not Ausi.

Predictive text and my old eyes are not good.



Working mornings again, with actual sleep and no hangovers. This sobriety thing is pretty rad.


I’m with you. I so desperately want to quit drinking. I am so terribly weak to the flesh and mind…
But let’s keep trying! Eventually it will click