One year sober for our pal!

Hello me congratulate our good friend @MandiH on 365 continuous days of sobriety today! :tada::birthday::cake::ice_cream:

Mandi, your fearless honesty and hard won wisdom are a boon to me and such a blessing in this forum. You are a woman of humility and integrity. So many hugs to you! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit - I got ahead of myself, as usual! Here is the link to Mandi’s thread 1st Soberversary!


Aww, thanks Dan! :heart: I so appreciate being here with people such as yourself. Your insight has helped me numerous times and I have very much enjoyed hearing your perspectives and watching you continue to grow! I really do love our community here. We’ve got great things going on together as we work through this new sober life, it’s no wonder why!


Wow! @MandiH you are such a delight & a sweet soul! Heartfelt Congratulations my friend! :hugs: A year ago today, you stood at a crossroad. Because of your decision to commit to sobriety…You are now living on borrowed time! As if someone waved a magic wand and allowed you a re-do with your life. I hope you never take it for granted. I hope you maintain this gift daily. I hope you continue to share it & I hope every morning when you wake up you’re as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, to have another sober day :heart:


Happy 1 year unofficial twin!! You are awesome!! Always a kind supportive word.

You rock!


Amazing congrats @MandiH!! So inspirational.


@MandiH -

You beautiful soul! What a gift you are…

You share so much of yourself with us. I am a better person for hearing your experiences, strength, changes and hope. Your kindness, honesty, determination to live a happy, joyous life, and your daily dedication to living deliberately and intentionally are such an inspiration. Love you so much, my sweet friend.


Congratulations Mandi!!!

One year is a very big deal. Remember how you felt this morning when you woke up. Powerful, free, and grateful!

Wow @MandiH!!! Congrats!!

@MandiH you have been an enormous help to me and many others here. Happy one year :heart_eyes: what are your favorite changes you’ve noticed?