Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I’m watching Archer or I’d be sleeping already


Hmmmmm. I’ve never watched Archer. Love Bobs burgers and the family guy stuff that dude with the voice does tho. And I love Arby’s! Lol


Archer > every show ever


Today was the first day in a long while that I really wanted to smoke. I was trying to do something and kept messing up and got frustrated, then a strong craving hit. Kind of sucks. But it passed. =/


Salty snacks really helped me quit. Its better to eat a bunchs of salty nuts or chips than smoke! Also the crunch heloed with my anxiety and irritability.


Day 1 again! Lol Fuck


For smoking? Thats ok. You can do it. I’m on day one again after drinking like an idiot last night. Today is a new day. I am three months off cigs and now it seems crazy to me that I ever smoked. I never want another one.


Dont worry me too padawan…day 1…


Gaining lots of weight here. Working out like never before and clean eating at about 1600 cal. No pants fit me😂 how you doing?


Try getting sick. I am not smoking and losing weight. Perfect.


What a great idea😂well,guess the flu is coming around soon so there might be hope.
Get well bro :blush:


Get some romaine lettuce! :rofl:


Haha. Only us addicts would think like that :joy:


I’m about to drive to the airport. So no vape for like 8 hours. I have some patches so I should be okay :scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


65 days with out those little devil’s :sunglasses::hugs::disappointed_relieved:


Okay. I gave up 12 years ago after smoking for 20 year’s. Changing how you feel about smoking is key I was an ex class A drug user and still drank so I used this thought.
If I use drugs I’m high. I’m also poor and it makes me ill
If I drink I feel drunk . I’m also poor and it makes and ill.
If I smoke tobbaco…I’m.just poor and Ill…there is no “gain” no genuine “good feeling” I get no “positive comeback”
When I had completely given up it felt like it as been conned for 20 years. It made me angry to think I had spent all that time and money on something that was going to kill me! That made me stink!
You can do this. You can step away from the lie that is tobbaco


Zombie thread…


You can do it! I will admit I stopped for years then when we relocated I picked it up AGAIN! And got bad! 2 packs a day (my drinking got heavy too) My mental health took a horrible down ward spiral. So I went back on antidepressants (wellbutrin) which made me super sick to my stomach. Come to find out it’s also used to treat smoking addictions. I’ve been almost 6 months sober from smoking. The dr. And I have lowered my medication and the urge for me to smoke is still gone. Within the 6 months I have totally changed my life. You can do this and remember if you slip it’s ok! Tomorrow is a new day and remember smoking is one of the hardest habits to kick! So take any small accompaniment as a huge one!


Shoot man, we all need to quit. I’ve been thinking about quitting for years.

But one thing at at time. You Concentrate on the drugs for now. I was in recovery for 1.5 years before I started tackling the smoking addiction


I’ve not had a cig for 12 days now… Way harder for me than not drinking… But im very stubborn… I wont cave in. Shit scared of the amount of food im eating though!!. Wayyyy out of control with that now :cry::cry: