Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I’m gonna be flying all day on December 4th. I’m gonna experiment with the patch. Or maybe gum or lozenges… Um, WTF is a lozenge btw??


I take the mini ones. Its a smokeless option to quit. It has worked for my cravings but timing to take them and let them disolve for 30 min can be a pain around meals and cravings. Longer i adjusted it got better…


I’ve finally decided to stop smoking. Start on meds tmw for 12 weeks. Cut down today from 20 to 6 so far. Plan to be smoke free in 8 days… The only thing that is bothering me is the weight gain. Like it’s seriously freaking me out!!! Any advice anyone?? Apart from xtra exercise… Good diet tips or anything?


Your metabolism may slow down, and your body become less efficient at burning energy, or it may not. In any case, exercise regularly and keep your calorie intake at an appropriate level for your desired effect.

I quit nicotine (and booze) 67 or 68 days ago and lost 17 pounds by exercise and diet. My target calorie intake is 1800 to 2100 a day, some days its more, some its less. That’s all that there is to it, self discipline.

But sometimes, weight gain is the price of admission. Don’t let that sway you from making the healthier choice.

Good luck!


I gained weight at first but when my lung capacity came back I was easily able to lose it again. Don’t let that deter you, this was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


I bought mini carrots and dehydrated fruit for snacks instead of salty stuff. I dunno how well it works but I haven’t been over-eating the last 3 days


The lozenges make me gassy


What I used to quit dipping.


Get the small ones, the ones the size of a ticktac. The bigger ones made me very gassy.


I like being gassy. Keeps people out of my office


I will seriously need to watch my intake. I’ve never lost my sweet tooth from quitting alcohol 19 months ago :sleepy::sleepy:. But I will get there. :crazy_face:


Never forget that thunder is impressive, but lightning does the work.

Mark Twain


If i read that correctly you are saying I should shit my pants?


That’s exactly what he’s saying


No. The sound and fury of your gassing may be insufficient to keep your office free from unwanted visitors.

But I am sure that if you crapped your pants, you may get the desired result. Bonus points if you go monkey style and throw it.


Contraversial i know but has anyone quit using champix?


Chantix was what worked for me at last. No replacement therapy (gum, patch or lozenge) worked. Wellbutrin didn’t work.

I was so ready to quit, could literally not take a drag without a 5 minute coughing fit. And I believed the science of Chantix, how it blocks receptors to eliminate cravings. My worst side effect was vivid and strange dreams. No depression or suicidal ideation that can happen.

I got fat after, but started physical training after about 9 months. I am smoke free since 2/14/2008. I have about 20 5k races, 15 10k races, and 7 sprint triathlons since then. And my first Olympic triathlon will be September 2019. Praise to the Divine!


I quit with wellbutrin twice before. It was ok as long as I took it. I never refilled my script so I’d go one month and smoke again. The last time I asked the doc for three month supply upfront. So I took it for 3 months. When I quit taking it, i had withdrawal similar to nicotine. So i really just delayed the inevitable.

This last quit was cold turkey. Quick. Like a bandaid.


Day 3 was a struggle


Just about over bro. Coming up on 10 pm your time??