Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I’ve gained 5 pounds :cry::weary:. But I’ll take that over killing myself slowly​:wink:


Yeh. I do say that to my self. I will get on top of it once ive got more smoke free days under my belt :grin:



Day 2. Woohoo lol


Word up! Better than day 1


I should probably actually get the desire to quit. I’m just half measuring things lol


It’s been a year and a half for me without a smoke, it actually wasn’t too difficult for me unlike alcohol which is attempt number 7 thousand or so lol good luck to all in your battles and stay strong :muscle:


When that baby comes bro, you’ll get the desire. You will get so sick of washing your hands and brushing your teeth and changing your shirt. It gets old quick! And it seems you miss something cool every time you go out for a smoke. A smile or a fart, they are all special moments missed


I don’t smoke at home anyway so that should help. I usually just smoke at work and meetings.


I was sober 3 years and only quit because I could not take a drag without a 3 minute coughing fit. I gained weight, too, about 20 lbs. In the last 10 years I’ve worked it back down to 40 pounds under my heaviest.


Nice! Im also 40 lbs under my heaviest. I lost 55 lbs in my first 4 months sober. Gained 10 back in the following year. Then another 5 or 6 in the last 80 days. Lol.
I’ll take it all!


My fat pants don’t fit at all, and some of my regular pants are getting baggy. I’m actually on a diet right now, trying to get leaner in the off-season. In February, I’ll try to add more muscle. I race triathlons and I’m moving up a distance next summer. It’ll be a 4-5 hour effort for my A race next September.

I was a pack and a half per day smoker and a daily drunk. I’ll be 60 in May, and I’m at my most fit and best mental health of my life! I owe it to the program of AA and the grace of my higher power.

I’m so fuckin’ lucky.


Yeah you are :wink:


All great news man! I’m no professional here but I think you’re going about this responsibility. Use the losenges and see where it takes you:)


Find me something that shows nicotine is anywhere near as bad for you as smoking and I’ll give ya a dollar. It’s addictive, yes. It’s a chemical, yes. But in your body it is no different than caffeine. And none of us are giving that up! Lol

7 days is amazing buddy. I know that’s when I started to get used to not smoking a cigarette


Day: Fuck me.


My tobacco addiction was smokeless. I tried cold-turkey. Day 3 my brain wouldn’t function. Would literally lock up mid-thought. I did the lozenges. Followed the suggested plan to-the-letter. If I didn’t want one, but it was time, I used one. If I wanted one, but it wasn’t time, I waited.

Eventually, I was able to quit altogether, when the plan said I should be able to.


Nicotine use is a factor in periodontal disease, which, unfortunately, I have from smoking. When I switched from smoking to vaping, my teeth were less stained, but it accelerated the bone loss. Instead of 3 visits to the dentist per year I’ve earned 4, yay me! It will take several visits to see if quitting has stopped the progress of the disease.


@crazyjohn here’s a thread about smoking cessation that may be helpful for you!


It did mine.