Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I’m little miss bone loss! Quitting helped, but there are other contributing factors for me. Don’t beat youeself up if your bone loss gets worse before it levels out, quitting is so good for your mouth!


Day 2 towards becoming nicotine free, i smokd three cigs with coffee when i woke up this morning wore a patch all day did have a couple hits off a juul i purchased to help quit tonight. Started to have a lil bit of anxiety but nothing to bad even though i m still getting some nicotine i am feeling the affects of tapering down. Have 3 cigs left to use in mornings but not purchasing anymore. Will use patches daily and juul when desperate. Best of luvk to everyone!


I’ve been vaping for over a year now. Went back to cigs last year while I was drinking and then vaped inside of the house. Day 3 no cigs!


I utilize champix from pfizer. Off nicotine for 100 days now. Felt great…have no urges n even meet with smokers while they had their puffs…no urge but disgust. You guys can do it


I have managed to have a cigarette first thing this morning which I only had half. I have just had the other half and I’m going to try not to have another. I have always had issues with different types of drugs like alcohol, ecstasy, speed etc. I very rarely drink now and I don’t touch any hard drugs anymore. Surprisingly I was able to just stop doing harder drugs yet tobacco seems to be really had to stop.


Checking in today i had three cigs with morning coffee then put on patch a couple hours later made it all day and night without a hit from my juul and managed to take 5 kids to a trampoline park, moments of frustration here and there throughout the day but not bad at all. I am now officially out of cigs so tomorrow morning will be my juul with my coffee or possibly try to push through and just put on the patch. Feeling good with the tapering down.


My second day not smoking too :blush:


In three hours I will be tobacco free for 5 days. It’s so damn hard! I’ve been using nicotine lozenges and lots of cinnamon gum and mints. The other night I put myself to bed early as I could feel my irritability rising and trying not to be a huge ass to my family. I’ve attacked the smoking like I did with my drinking. I talk to myself alot with cravings such as “this too will pass”, it’s an “awful, expensive and unhealthy stupid habit”. My talking sober addiction app for cigs shows $ saved and as a 40 year, 2 pack a day smoker, that’s about $15 dollars a day. Huge savings where I can spend the $ doing things with my kids! Best of luck to all and keep up the good fight!


Try Jason Vale’s Quit Smoking app. It works if you work it.
Vaping helped me cut down but I’m not at that stage where I’m ready to quit smoking completely yet.



Still vaping. Went down on the nicotine level and am using my vape less all around.
Next goal is less nicotine again. Eventually get down to zero:)


Quitting is hard! I heard it was best to set a date for yourself to psych up for it so I did that and weened down to that date. Then I bought the patch and the gum… now I am down to just the gum and hopefully my last pack (of gum). That’s what has worked for me so far. Fingers crossed! I need to be around for my kids as well. Peace and love to you!


Yesterday was first day zero actual cigs only used juul a lil bit in morning otherwise just my patch. I tried drinking iced coffee in afternoon didn’t taste right and such a strong connection between coffee and cigs for me so i drank my first ever energy drink doing the same today


I am proud of you all. I know what a struggle it is to quit smoking. I celebrated 10 years cigarette and nicotine free on December 28th. Prior to that I smoked for 30+ years. It took a long time to quit, a lot of attempts. So bravo to you all for keeping at it.

I did spell or 3 with the lozenges (rotted my teeth) and used the patch a few times over the years…until I got that the nicotine was what I was addicted to, not just the ritual and habit and association of smoking cigarettes. My final push included Wellbutrin for about 6 months… by then I was so damn sick of the relapse/quit cycle, demoralizing to say the least. As with quitting drinking, finding new habits and rituals was key. As was sugar free mints and a lot of exercise.

Anyway…it was the hardest and best thing I ever did for myself (at that time). It really did change my life in so many ways. Who knew how much time cigarette smoking took?

Keep at it!!!


Dealing with lower heart rate since stopping and just doing patches. Today’s resting heart rate was down to 64 with heart rate dropping to 56 here and there typically resting heart rate between 70 and 75 did some reading seems normal…others face this issue?


My HR used to be in the 90’s (dangerous) and after quitting, its normal in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s range.


Thanks i was worried it was getting to low


Just checking in to say 3 months nicotine free and 4.5 months since I had a smoke or vape.

I have had some stress recently and have been wanting to do some smoking but I keep reminding myself that nicotine CAUSES cravings and it would be completely counterproductive and add an extra thing to stress about. It is definitely better without too, not having to plan my day around satisfying cravings.


Exactly this! Figuring that one out was a biggie for me! Great work!


I have Allen Carr to thank for that one!