Our quitting of cigarettes thread


107 days nicotine free! Despite how long I smoked (28 yrs) and how hard it was to quit, rarely do I think about it and no regrets.


Well done!!


Hey y’all. My vape stopped working when I was driving to work this morning. So it was either wait the 3.5 hours until the vape store opened or buy a pack of cigs. The alcoholic in me and my disease won out and I bought the cigs.

At the time I didn’t even think twice. No I am really recognizing it for what it was and that was an alcoholic decision. It was obsessive and compulsive.

Damn that alcoholic behavior! Just shows me I need to constantly work on my character defects. And I always have work there. Thanks @Forged for helping me put this in perspective :wink:


I will be calling my sponsor about this :slightly_smiling_face:


Way to be honest it’s crazy how our “isms” impact so much more than alcohol. Did u make it to the vape store later on and get rid of the cigs?


I did! On a good note, I only smoked 4 cigs. They tasted like shit and stunk! It’s crazy that I seriously feel like a non smoker. After 100 or so days

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:


Way to get right back on track!

Still going strong no smoking here. Juul just a bit in the morning and nicotine patch lowest dose the rest of they. Crazy how different everything is tasting and smelling.


I seriously could not imagine going back to smoking. It was like I was grossed out when I was smoking. ThAt first drag held no pleasure, that’s for sure.

Thank goodness, man! What if I was like “ahhhhhhhh, I missed this”?


I’ve come off vaping since New year, I gradually reduced down to low level nicotine - 3 mg and bought some mini lozenges which are surprisingly good.

Started about 10 a day but didn’t keep track. Rationing 5 max from Sunday and then aiming to cut down each day to get nicotine free by the next week.

Then it’s caffeine to tackle next, but I think I’ll leave that for a while and get balanced from stopping the nicotine.

I’m looking forward to feeling like all the craving shit is out of my system.


It’s horrible. I hate the smell. I didn’t smoke for too long thankfully but when I got sober I smoked like a train for the first few weeks.


Good stuff Bro. I’m gonna get some lozenges. I know they would work for me. I also went down on the nicotine level. On my second jar of the 3.5.
Progress not perfection


Absolutely, I mixed up the lozenges and vape for a couple of weeks before new year and found I was choosing the lozenges more and more so it was pretty easy to transition.


Day 346 of no cigarettes however I am vaping. Although I am greatful that I gave up smoking I know that vaping isn’t all that much better, at least for my health. Maybe it is better I don’t really know. Anyway, I am going to start reducing mg’s of nicotine and see if I can kick the habit altogether.


YeAh Gurrrrl!!


My boyfriend has gone caffeine and nicotine free this week… The same week he went back to school (he’s a teacher). It’s not been pretty :joy:


Vaping has got to be better than smoking. But if you can reduce the nicotine why not… It is good not to have to structure your day around it!


Ha ha, he’ll be tested with that.


3 weeks smoke free. I used lozenges for the first 10 days, so I am 11 days nicotine free.

The worst of the cravings have passed. I still get that occasional sensation that I am missing something, but it isn’t overwhelming.

I’ve quit before. Sometimes for years at a time. I know from experience that the cravings are never gone for good. They strike at the weirdest moments. But I can honestly say that, for now, I am a non-smoker again, and it feels good.

I am looking at my other bad habits and trying to decide what else I need to quit while I am at it.


I need to quit! I do use my vape regularly. I will share a few cigs with my husband during the day. The last time I had a lot of sobriety it was easier as the time went on. Now I’m back to day 3 no alcohol so in good time I will quit cigs again!!


I was sober 18 months before I quit cigs.
One thing at a time. One day at a time:)